Intermittent unresponsive buttons on TCA Boeing yoke

I too am in the process of sending this yoke in for repair. After extensive testing, I can’t get it to perform reliably. The yoke buttons are intermittent, and the mini stick (on right hand side of yoke) is twitchy / noisy.

Are either of you out of warranty?

If so, what are the charges?

I was under warranty and they paid shipping both way, no cost repair. Honestly, this is a fantastic product, when it works, I’d hate to have this problem happen again in its lifetime… we’ll see

Same here. Mine ships out next week. Honeycomb Alpha as backup in the meantime cuz like, yeah, I dont live without FlightSim. :smile:

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Did any of you updated the TCA Boeing Yoke to v1.50 from v1.46 ?

Some units have issues with the sensors, they can suddenly steer left and pulsate the axis intermittently. I replaced mine and this time I did not upgrade the FW. So far no issues.
I did not update just to rule out FW v1.50 issue. But since it works fine, I’ll leave it alone. Also the new one is so accurate on movement big difference, the older one was shaking when moving axes like instead of the axes being steady and smooth they were jittering. Moving the yoke in all extremities would settle it but then it would start again. No issues with the new one at all. I did record a video with the jitter should anyone want to see it.

How did you accomplish this? Warranty replacement, retail return & repurchase or did you buy a second one outright?

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support communicated to me that the cause was a flat ribbon cable that got stuck

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Sounds like a similar issue to the one that Oculus had with the audio cable that ran inside the head-strap to each of the earpieces on the CV1 VR headset.

Either insufficiently durable cables were procured and/or, perhaps just as likely, the assembly was rushed.

Good to hear you got it fixed.

thanks for reporting back. Mine is getting picked up today. Fedx ground …all the way across the country to Fla. Hope they fix it. I do like the yoke.

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I returned it back to retail as it was on day 29.

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Just wanted to stop by and say a huge thank you for this tip.
I’ve also been suffering with this intermittent problem and you are right a quick tap on the back of the yoke part bring the buttons back to life.
My only issue is that buttons stop working so far, the axis and hat switch all work without issue.
Given all the reports in this thread alone looks like Thurstmaster have some QC issues with this yoke.

I contacted TM for this problem. Suddenly buttons were intermittent unresponsive. I have send my yoke to the shop i purchased and they could not fix the problem. I received my money back after two month of use. Im not going to buy another yoke as i feel the quality is not good.

I have the same problem. It keeps happening just like you said. I use the default USB controller from Microsoft not the Logitech one which seemed to cause more problems. In the USB control panel I “Reset to Default” and sometimes Calibrate. I’m good to go for the rest of the flight, until the next one. I check this and do this before taxi.

I plugged my Boeing yoke directly into the back of the PC and everything seems to work fine. In the picture you can see the button 15 working. I am not using the Logitech driver, not even the new 2024 one, just the default Windows one. It works so I am not installing anything else and opening up the yoke to take a look at the cable ribbon. Don’t fix anything that doesn’t need fixing.

When I notice the problem, I go into the menu so as not to affect the controls in the sim and move the yoke in all directions. After that, the buttons basically always work again. Maybe that will help some of you.