Internet Disconnection Issues in high load scenery areas

Since SU5 we’ve been having ‘Disconnection’ issues reported in the sim no matter what kind of connection we have. I’ve notice now with VR it’s worse. If there’s a load on the sim with add-on scenery for a particular area of major weather the sim throws a disconnection notification restricting your ability to control the aircraft until you acknowledge the notification. Sparse areas in the sim aren’t affected. I have a dedicated line to my router via a network cable and it’s solid as a rock concerning upload/download speeds. It’s a problem on the Azure side for sure. It’s frustrating to be on short final or flair for that matter and get this error. Prior to SU5 this wasn’t an issue. Just wondering are other seeing this at times when there’s a scenery load on the sim (KSAN with LatinVFR KSAN and Miramar for example). Asobo please address this in SU8.

Has the sim actually lost connection, or is it just the message?

That’s a hard one to tell. One thing is for sure when that window comes up you’ve lost all control of the aircraft.

Even if you OK it and just ignore it?
The reason I’m asking is, there have been several posts here from folks who get this message (especially lately) but most just ignore it and everything is fine.
I’ve had it a few times, but I’ve never been disconnected from the server, or had any issues with the airplane.

There’s two things going on here. One message tells you your ATC voices will change do to bandwidth issues. That one goes away but the other one telling you your low on bandwidth with an option requiring a response is the one that get’s you. This happened on my flair with the Longitude after a long flight and I crashed. The worst is when it tells you it’s going to shut off Photogrammetry and does it. At least now you can turn it back on in the options menu, that wasn’t the case before. What’s funny (actually not) is it will give you this message, shut off Photogrammetry, and then flash up a green ‘Successful Connection’ banner. You still have to take the time and go into your options and turn Photogrammetry back on… This needs to be fixed.


It could be as mundane as your wifi fridge or heating kicking in but usually your router will have caused a glitch … I guess Asobo should really lengthen their response interval as mostly ignore is the best option.

Happened to me the other day mid-flight. Im NOT on wifi either, its all hard wired. All the scenery below turned to fsx looking ‘terrain’. My computer never lost connection but the sim certainly thought it did.


Anyone suffering with MSN randomly opening a web page while they’re simming? it happens mostly on debloated systems and is mega annoying. W10 & W11

However there is a registry fix for those that know what they are doing.

can you please link to that?

Private message sent

I got this message yesterday, I was monitoring they system watching it pull 80mbps when it happened, I was also monitoring the qualitly of my connection, and noticed that when I got that message, I got a huge latency spike 1200ms.

So what Im starting to think is that if you have a network event that causes the sim to do a re-send of the data due to some network ‘noise’ issue, you get this message.

I’ve been getting this a lot when flying near photogrammetry cities. It’s been happening since the recent world update for me. I’ve long since given up on the Azure ATC voices (they always would get screwed up) and just use the basic MS robot voices.

If I go into the settings to turn photgrammetry back on it does turn on but often the cities look like hellish landscapes after that. So becomes kind of a bummer for VFR site seeing. Hopefully Asobo comes up with a fix. Definitely not my internet connection, I’ve tested multiple times and have no issues with other online based services and games.

Simple. Just ignore it.

How have you tested your connection? With ping, or are you using other tools as well. I mean I ping test at 120 on a 100 account, but when I did deeper, I can see that my connection chokes from time to time at the providers point of presence. This latency is what causes the problem, and while other online games work, wouldn’t necessarily be an issue, since MSFS streams everything to you (where other games dont), so that one small problem that another game would shrug off (like a FPS) and you wouldnt notice, in this it doesnt seem to be that simple.

I do, doesn’t make it not a problem though.

Various speed tests. I haven’t noticed any connection chokes like you describe, but I could dig a little deeper I suppose. I still don’t feel like it’s anything to do with my connection however. Just a very demanding game and I only get issues around the photogrammetry cities like I said where the data demand is even greater. Hopefully they can find a way to optimize it a bit more.

here you can go here: Bufferbloat Test by Waveform and measure latency of the connection. If you see high latency, on that test, find a copy of pingplotter (its free), and run it on a couple of sample sites. Watch the graph on the upper right hand corner and look for anything that is returning higher then the rest of the hops on the route.

example it leaves my machine to the router 4ms then it jumps from the router to the ISP host, for me here is where the problem lies, it will make the hop in 24 ms but as you watch the connection you will see that the latency will spike sometimes as high as 1000’s of milliseconds, and then watching the rest of the route things will be around 24ms. And thats where the problem lies for me.

Now I attributed this to bufferbloat and replaced all my equipment to circumvent that, but yet the problem still persisted. It has taken 4 months just to get the ISP to aknowledge the problem, but at least they are working on it now.

But as I was getting to, ping alone is not enough to measure the quality of your connection.

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