Intesity of airplane lights

hello everyone, how can I climb and where the intesity of airplane lights ?

I don’t quite understand the question… what do you mean by that?

hello, I mean that the lights light up louder, that they look more

Airplane lights are only ON or OFF. You can’t change the brightness.
Except for the A320, it has the taxi lights to either TO mode which is brighter or the dimmer Taxi mode.

Unless hes talking about the cabin lights, then it depends on the plane, my favorite is the one that hides behind that pull lever (what the hell is that lever anyways) on the caravan. There are multiple places to set intensity in the A320 and the 747 as well.

He’s apparently using a translator, so its a toss up on what lights he’s talking about…

I mean to increase the intensity of the wing lights and logo

As mentioned previously, those lights only are ON or OFF, with no intensity adjustment. There are mods available that increase the intensity.

Perhaps he’s alluding to the fact we can’t see the tarmac at night with the airplane lights? At least the airfields in Rio de Janeiro. Taxing lights are effective only a couple yards ahead of the plane (at least on the bush planes and the TBM). I personally have to use the map at night to find my way through the airport. Otherwise I just take off right from the ramp (if I’m not used to the airfield), because it is just worthless to try and look ahead.

On this regard they should fix it. Even the airport lights should light the tarmac pretty good to the point that we could taxi without taxing lights.

The lever is the inertial separator used to prevent foreign objects from entering the engine.

Thanks, I was gonna get around to looking that up one day.

A mod for light intensity you say? I need to look for that.

I have the worst time trying to find my way off runways and taxiing.
The lights on the Cessna especially. I can’t see anything other than what is in front of me.

It also seems the Cessa only has taxi lights on the left side. At my home training airport I’m usually making right hand turns off the runway and just can’t see where to turn very well. Even with the yellow turn lines.

If it is realistic. Why in the world would planes have such weak lights?