Intolerable flashing in top third of screen since update

Yep nothing to do except praying waiting or buying a new graphic card if you’re not using a laptop…I’m not sure that this situation were a duly purchased software that was fully usable becomes fully unusable for some by the sole decision of the provider is legally acceptable. This happens often for new versions of some software but at least the ancient versions continue to be usable. Here we have no possibility not applying the patches. According me a class action for a total refund is surely possible.

In such a case they will probably resort to claiming that the clouds are a graphics setting, that should be turned to the lowest when playing on a GPU that is close to the minimum requirement. This is effectively what they’re doing with the support responses. I don’t think we can win against Microsoft.

Maybe we could have a chance if more people took a stance against this, or if major gaming sites and YouTube channels picked up on this story, but the amount of affected users is too small for anyone else to care. Nobody other seems to realise that anyone who does not upgrade their hardware often could also have this happen to them at some point in the future.

No, they’re saying to turn clouds off completely.

Clouds worked fine on these systems before update and the users with these cards purchased the game with MS and Asobo listing the minimum specs as including their cards. MS/Asobo changed the clouds after all these people had bought the game with full ackonwledgment of the minimum spec listed (and still listed as such) by MS/Asobo. A bait and switch if there ever was one and then a plain out fraud (still listing the minimum spec as including these cards).

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I am gonna end my game pass subcription if this issue doesn’t fixed in next update. My graphic card is gtx780 ti. It was a supported card when msfs 2020 released.

This is a huge disappointment for me.


I meant that they would treat it as some graphics setting that can be turned off, like depth-of-field, bloom, reflections and so on. While a bogus claim, it would probably be enough to help them win a class action if one were made.

I would like to repeat that it is absolutely not a simple problem of blinking clouds but a complete mess of the display from inside cockpit or outside views even with parameters at their lowest level. Once the bug starts, generally after pressing esc then resume, the cockpit windows sample part of the sky that is then moved as white cockpit glasses everywhere added to the blinking clouds…so it is clearly a bug and not a simple performance issue even if this bug is only revealed on some types of GPU that where working fine before …


We get that message too on gtx960m

I noticed that yesterday as well, very annoying.

This issue has existed for almost two months now. Are you getting the same flashing clouds as demonstrated in the videos of the thread I’m linking below or is it something else?

They supposedly fixed it in Sim Update 2 :slight_smile:

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Fixed for M2000M with Sim Update 2! Thanks Asobo!