Intro video

Hello everyone,
This is not really a screenshot but a little I made for my video introductions. The thing is, I am not an Artist AT ALL ! And while things can certainly be improved, I think for a non-artist, the outcome is not too bad and I would like to share the result here.

I had to put it as premiere because of the HD processing that is still ongoing.



Good for a first time video trailer!
I like the light reflections off of the wings.

I’ll give you one pointer - when doing trailers, make your shots/scenes shorter (cut them to about 3-4 seconds in length and cut into another shots). But in order to do that, you need other shots to cut to. It helps keep the watcher’s attention. You picked a good sound track, one that would be good with some jump cuts.

@Jerdoo, on this forum has done one that uses short cuts.

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Awesome ! Thanks a lot for the tips.
I will have a look at those links.

Yeah, i was proud of myself for a first time trailer. Of course a lot to improve still.

Thanks again

I just watched this video. Wow, that was brilliant !

It is fun creating videos. Challenging, but the end result is satisfying! :slight_smile:

It absolutely is !