Inverted Flight

Inverted flight (Flying on negative AoA) is simulated incorrect.
Yaw (Rudder application) causes the wing, that moves faster to rise.
In case of Upright flight Right rudder application (yaw to the right) causes left wing to move faster and to rise (movement skywards), you have to use left aileron (Stick movement to the left) to hold the wings level.
In case of inverted flight (aerodynamically wings have negative AoA) in reality Right rudder application accelerates left wing too and therefore left wing rises rises too (moves skywards), you have to use right aileron (Stick movement to the right) to hold the wings level.
In Simulator is that incorrectly, by yawing right (Rudder application) left wing moves earthwards (you are flying inverted, wings have negative AoA, “UP is on the other Site”.
This error applies to all Aircraft in Simulator, inkl. aerobatic one (Extra, Pitt…)
Literature: For example Book: Better Aerobatic, Alan Cassidy. ISBN 0-9544814-0-2 page 29.