Invisable wall while on approach at LOWI

Im confused at this point is it a airport to airport issue or is it at compete random what it is, it is extremly annoying i’ve seen it happen to not only me but other people at other airports.
Is there a way to slove this issue or I have to wait for a Bug fix update?
Plane: Fenix A320
Scenary: Orbx LOWI
Location somewhere around 47.269896, 11.413419
all the best velocity

The first step is to ensure that this isn’t unique to Orbx’s LOWI.
Does this occur with the default scenery?
If it does not, you may want to contact Orbx.

If the issue does occur with the default scenery, it could be a mod conflict.
You can prove that by starting the sim in “Safe” mode, using a default aircraft, and seeing if it still happens.

Could be a rolling cache problem. Delete it before your next try may help you.