Invisible AI traffic on Xbox

Got a new bug on Xbox, turned on AI offline traffic and there is lots of AI Traffic landing and taking off at KHAF but they are all invisible, you can hear them you can even see their lights but you cant see their aircraft.

I have also seen this today. Using AI traffic. Lights only, which disappear after the traffic has landed. Sound remains and ATC chat.

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Exactly that yeah

Same thing happened to me on my computer. Just lights and sound but nothing there.

Its hard to see but there are just lights, no plane there. Its not even just one or two airlines. seems like a bunch are involved or even same type of plane.

Exactly the problem I had, had to restart the flight in order for traffic to appear, I was running with offline AI traffic when it happened. Happened more then once for me

Hi everyone, does turning on/off Live Traffic data help on this issue?

I just tested myself and could see parked Live Traffic Aircraft but also another one landing (LFPG)

No that didnt fix it already tried it last time i had this issue, only fix for me was restart the entire flight frm the main menu by replanning the flight but again i only had this happen with AI offline traffic

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ok hopefully someone has a solution