Invisible aircraft in multiplayer

Does anyone know how to make other aircraft visible?

I saw a group flying an event (by their nameplates) but when I got close up, there no visible aircraft, just floating nameplates.

(I had online and multiplayer enabled in general options and All Players enabled in flight conditions)

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

To begin with, these aircraft are most definitely NOT flying together. 3700 to 36000+ is hardly a formation. I am also going to assume you were not at 36000 ft.

The BE36 at 3700 is nearly horizontal to you. You appear to be 8-9000 ft. That puts the BE36 at least 50 miles out. I would guess the others are close to the max distance as well considering they are at least 25000 ft above you but again showing nearly horizontal with your flight.

For those aircraft to be inside visual range 5-10 kms (depending on size) the tags would be almost directly above or below your plane.

Please read the post I wrote just a couple hours ago on this subject.

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Useful thanks, I’ll take a look.

A few of the aircraft passed me (or at least their nameplates did), but clearly I need to check again at a subsequent event whether they were too far away or above/below me. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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