Invisible F-15

After the new update to the DC Designs F-15, the aircraft is completely invisible in the sim, with the exception of a handful of small lights. This is what I see with the exterior camera directly behind the aircraft in the default position.

Does anybody know of a fix?

It’s the stealth version :slight_smile:

That’s really odd. I can only suggest re-installing it again. There seems to be something about MSFS and installers used by Just Flight that sometimes causes bugs with either the flight model or visual things like this. Most times it works fine, but here and there folks report bugs like this one.

Please do give it a try and see if it clears things up - the Eagles display fine for most so it seems like an isolated case.

Try to look at your six, my plane is there! XD

I got that view when cockpit camera is changed to my asigned “toogle IFR cockpit cam” button.
If I press my “custom cam0” button It works like IFR view

After installing F-15 update in content manager, mine were invisible too. All 4 F-15.
I closed MSFS, then reloaded the sim. Planes were there. Fine now.


Interesting, thanks for sharing, must be something in the way the sim handles updates in the manager then.

Thank you! That worked.

Sorry Stealth Eagle, you’re going to have to wait.

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Hey! what do you mean with reload the sim?

it dosnt work for me

If you are experiencing the invisible f15s again since the last mini update then you need to remove the weapons package. It clashes with the latest LoD update and makes the aircraft vanish all except the cockpit. DC will be updating the weapons package soon to counteract this glitch.