IP theft protection for 3rd Party Developers

Do we as a community have a plan in place to ensure all our 3rd party content can be protected if it wasn’t purchased in the MSFS store? So much work goes into creating the content, how can we be sure we can protect out work and IP? Restricting a download without a “key” is not enough protection. We need a way to have content locked out to used that might have found a download but still don’t have a key…


I noticed recently that simmarket just started adding email and key to their installers. Maybe that’s a step forward? But, now that I look at what’s actually installed, there doesn’t seem to be anything that keeps from copying. Nothing binding the software to “me”.

Can’t the same methods be used that X-plane scenery devs use? Apologies if this is a dumb question, just know I’ve encountered needing keys for X-plane addons.

The only way I see getting protection in place is to allow scripts to authenticate a key remotely.

Note I’m not a sim dev, but do secure dev work for other software.

from SDK Docs (Documentation/01-Getting_Started/01-SDK_Overview.html)

Digital Rights Management (DRM for short) functionality is planned for a future release (see the roadmap page) and should work by encrypting the entirety of the package content. Therefore, WebAssembly binaries, HTML code or any type of content that goes into packages will be protected the same way.

The provided DRM solution will be available through the official marketplace framework.

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“The provided DRM solution will be available through the official marketplace framework.”

I’m not sure this is the solution we want as there are multiple 3rd party stores and many many 3rd party developers that might not get into the Official MSFS store. (Unless that means we can use the same DRM as the MSFS store.) We also don’t know what % cut MS will take vs selling on your own site or on another 3rd party site.

I hope that it will be only used for expensive study level aircrafts.
Otherwise, we will not be able to mod the simple aircrafts from third party (what i’m doing right now).

Any news about WASM protection?