iPad kneeboard w/ Apple pen in VR?

So in theory, how about this? HP Reverb G2 your desktop in VR cockpit charts, Pilot2ATC, SLC and many others in MSFS in WMR easy!! - YouTube

And with https://letsview.com/ i did get my ipad screen in my pc through wifi. for free But didnt had time to test that first link method.

edit. It works! So download also some drawing app to the ipad. I have HandWritten called free app.

  1. open simulator, put it to windowed mode
  2. open LetsView software in win10 and in iPad. Screen your ipad screen to win10. Open HandWritten app in ipad. Test to write something and you can see in real time you drawnings in win10 screen.
  3. slect flight and airplane, go to airport/sky with 2d. In the sky, press active pause or ESC pause.
  4. go to WMR world,
  • use controllers to activate win10 menu pop up (same like win key in keyboard)
  • open desktop app in VR
  • go to real desktop (put off you glasses first), minimize all the other windows exept LetsView app that have mirrored from ipad´s HandWritten app.
  1. no go back again to WMR world
  • you can see there in VR desktop window only that HandWritten ipad app.
  • press “follow me” button in right top corner
  • scale window to have next you you on cockpit.
  1. Activate VR mode with hotkey in sim. Center you postition with hot key. Now you can see cockpit in VR glasses, with that desktop window in VR mode). Scale again and press “follow me” button again, so it will place there whole time.
  2. place you ipad where you can find it easily. Start flying with ipad as you notepad and seeable in VR in cockpit!
  3. you can use also Speech to Text app in ipad ! This is the best with biggest font, if you press orientation button in corner. ‎Speech-to-Text App Storessa