Ireland has been butchered

Poor ground textures and white artifacts all over the scenery. The coastline a shambles, especially at the Cliffs of Mohar.

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Notice the ground textures are poor for Dublin and Knock today actually

Maybe it has something to do with the server issue they had from yesterday, what do you think ?

Idk because it was like this yesterday also :confused:

I flew over Burren and cliffs of Moher, and something seems to be wrong with texture loading. Could be a server side problem, I don’t know…

Is it supposed to be patchy snow?

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it looks to be as a result of using the most up to date bing data which has poorer resolution than what was used before. It is also an issue crossing the border into the north. See below for Magilligan point accross from Greencastle:

This is the bing maps data the algo has to work with now:

No surprise its had to default to no textures at all!!

Also, tory island looks half covered in snow and the remainder is so low quality you cannot distinguish field boundaries


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