Irregular white flash in VR

I’m having an irregular (in time, sometimes a few minutes between, sometimes shorter) white flash when in VR. First thought it was the lightning bug because i had live weather selected but it also happens with a preset like clear skies. When i switch from VR to pancake, the flashes are gone.

Anybody else having the same problem?

Yes I also have this and it’s been reported by others earlier on as well. It feels almost like the camera momentarily switches view for a fraction of a second because it’s accompanied by a change in sound for a split second as well. Completely random for me. It’s that quick I also thought it was lightening when I first saw it!

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If you have oculus (any type) it’s normal (Alyx, S&S, MoO, Subnautica, …).
It’s an Oculus problem never solved in 1 year.

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For me this only happens with msfs2020, not with any other VR-Game.


I also have this issue with my Rift. never had this in any other VR game.

Same here. Only noticed in FS2020. Hopefully will be fixed in next update.

Also have jittering cockpit, not in the outside view. It’s as if the tracking is sensitive with close in objects and it isn’t tracking head movement as well as it could. Minor though and workable.

Hopefully everyone experiencing this annoying white flash is filing a Zendesk complaint. Let’s get them to address this issue. I am seeing at least two post’s per day on other forums regarding the issue.

I have seen this as well in Oculus on Lockheed Martins P3D, have not seen this on Vive Pro.

Same problem on my Rift S.

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I am having the same problem with bursts of white flashes using Quest 2. Only happens in MSFS VR.

Today’s Oculus update (19th Feb) seems to have made the problem much, much worse. It used to happen every 15 seconds or so, irregularly. Now it’s every second. Just me?


I’ve noticed it worse on my CV1 now, but every 10 seconds or so up from every few minutes.

Yes your are right, same problem for me after the update.

Previous to the latest patch I would have it occur randomly but now after the Feb 17 patch, it seems to happen every few seconds, makes VR unplayable on the Oculus Rift S, a shame cause it runs very well in VR.

You might all want to get onto the Oculus forum and make sure that they are aware of how big an issue it is.

MSFS2020 Flashes Again — Oculus ( is a thread that might be of interest.

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To give more details about this issue: The White flashes are in fact the plane (the 3d model) moving position for a split second.
Because you don’t see the cockpit anymore and only the sky or a part of the plane (which is almost always white), it looks like a white flash.
If you capture it on video, you’ll be able to see it.

That said it looks like it is more of an Oculus issue since the last Oculus software’s update made it even worse.
But only Asobo/Oculus can tell.

I turned off BETA for my Rift S, made it better, but still not right. I would describe the latest issue after the update a “quick distortion of the image”.

It does look a bit like one of those subliminal messages that used to pop up in some music videos.

Maybe Facebook are trying to get something across to users of older Oculus kit? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, maybe it’s a tracking issue… It’s super annoying.

Disabling beta also fixed it for me. At least it’s back to how it was before: plane is jumping every 3min.
But I also lost some fps for no reason. Maybe the beta has better performances.