Is a 6 core CPU truly all you need?

To those still running 6 core Intels on Z370 or Z390 boards.
Noticeable gains can be had from upgrading to i9-9900K or KF which at current prices make a worthwhile upgrade.

I recently upgraded from an i5-9600K which has been running fine overclocked to 5.0 on the same motherboard.
Conventional wisdom is 6 cores are all you need for FS2020.
According to HWINFO though, every one of those 6 cores spiked up to 100% maximum at peak usage during the sim. As Nigel Tufnel once asked, “Where does one go from here?”. Eleven is what you need.

The i9-9900K gave me that headroom.
Since then I have not seen more than one core maxed to 100%.

Biggest gameplay improvement? Less pauses and microstutters.
You know that blame game segment of the Display FPS details?
Occasional “Limited by CPU” flashes amidst long periods of “Limited by GPU”?

Its all GPU’s fault now.

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My guess is MSFS itself runs on 4 cores (graphics, sound).

But, add Little Nav Map, browsers to find METAR etc, VoiceAttack, FSUIPC, Linda, JeppView, VR, VRmirror, PDF’s, more utilities, my FFB driver, AddonsLinker, mods in my VR toolbar,

and things run lots smoother on a i9-10900K 10 cores, 20 threads or a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Cores: 12
Threads: 24

I surprised myself I got my humble 8600K 6 cores / GTX 1080 / 64GB Ram / HP Reverb - working OK with VR after a HORRIBLE start when I bought MSFS in december when VR was added, but a month of tweaking does wonders (after almost giving up).

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