Is a DC-3 available ? (and others planes too)

(Please don’t talk me about the one from FSX with a King Air panel !)

Do you know if it exists a flyable DC-3 yet ?
Or if one is in development somewhere ?
And the same questions for Bucker Bü 131, Stampe SV4 and Dornier Do-27 ?

If you read this post, winter is coming soon. We really need your C172 Taildragger with skis to play in the snow…

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Aeroplane Heaven have a DC3 in development currently.

If you use Facebook, check out their page for some previews and to follow development as more info comes along:

If not, heres some links from MSFS Addons showing some pics, too:
Cockpit Images
Exterior shots


Thanks. I hope it wil be released soon.
If anybody knows something else for a DC-3 and/or others planes, don’t be shy, tell me.

I am sure there is a freeware dc3 on but definitely check the reviews before downloading.

OK, it should be done, it’s done.
Next one… :slightly_smiling_face:

:smiley: that would be cool, for sure ! I’ve added it to my (long) todolist !

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Great ! Mont Aiguille is waiting for me for new screenshots.

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