Is a fix underway for the Live Weather bug?

Just wanted to know if you’re aware of the live weather “clear skies” bug and if you’re working on a fix?

I also want to mention that live weather at cruise is wildly variable; the temperature, pressure, and winds need better smoothing: right now if you try to fly in cruise you’ll eventually hit a wild 70 knot wind shear or so. Altitude changes by a few hundred feet suddenly even though your geometric altitude remains the same, etc.

I also notice that, when flying over mountains or elevated terrain like in the Western United States, the conditions observed in high altitude cruise (e.g., FL350) tend to typically represent the forecast conditions at a much lower altitude (e.g., FL280)

Agree there seems to be an issue with ‘above ground level’ vs ‘above sea level’ in how the weather data is applied, which is apparent when flying over areas of high terrain height. There also appears to be an erroneous offset applied to the OAT at high altitudes which causes it to be way too warm at high altitudes.

To give credit, when live WX gets it right, its absolutely awesome. Fantastic depiction and really adds to the immersion.
Problem is the inconsistency. You never know when its accurate or you just get a clear skies or completely different wx from what is currently live.
Case in point, recently heavy snow fall in and around LSZH, yet approaching the area, it was pretty much CAVOK. This with clearing the skies on entering , then choosing live wx. Now that ruins the immersion.
There is plenty of live accurate data around, and clearly there is a contract with meteoblue. Its a shame that actually getting that live data is a 50 50 chance.

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I wont lie, Asobos flakeyness around the topic is quite surprising. It is by far and away the most widespread of the issues however there is always just a vague mention of “improving weather” on upcoming patches and no straight up acknowledgement of the problem. Its kinda weird.

Snow also doesn’t work properly and needs attention, add it to the Live Weather issue.

So do you think the problem is on the server or game side? I personally believe it’s they servers being overloaded which may also explain why the tree density is too low sometimes. I’m just speculating.

It’s bugged for me as well. Tried leaving out of Ontario with real snow showers and cloudy outside . The sim had it bright as day with just few clouds. Very weird. Not even a single accumulation of snow. So yeah it’s bugged.

The live weather always works for me on first flight but stops working after I end the first flight.
It’s almost as if it somehow loses connection and is not forced ON again after. It seems like a local (game) issue.
I believe that the tree issue is a whole other issue.

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Live weather bug on a 2nd flight session - Seb: There was an issue with live weather on second flight at
launch, we fixed that in September and thought it would be gone but the community reported it again.
Some people might think that the live button does also the live weather bu instead, they only get the
live time (UI could be on reason).

PS - if you are able to reproduce the bug via video and share details, please PM me @Jummivana