Is aileron correction modelled in the sim?

Since the SU10 and the extreme wind reactions on the ground in the Cessna 172 I’m trying to learn how to keep the plane on the runway. Full right rudder is often not enough and people on here have suggested using aileron corrections, turning the yoke to deflect the wind.

Now I’m not an IRL pilot and have no experience of this, but I’ve had a play about and, at least to my awereness the aileron correction makes absolutely zero difference.

Now I don’t know if I’m not doing it correctly, which is very possible, or if aileron correction does nothing because it isn’t modelled in the sim?

Does anyone know, and can demonstrate this correction actually working on the ground? Is it really modelled? I’m beginning to think this is like carb heat in the Cessna 152, where you can pull the lever out when coming into land to behave like a real pilot, but it’s not actually modeled in the sim so won’t make a blind bit of difference.

If anyone can give me a heads up or some advice on how to do aileron correction properly it would be much appreciated. At the moment I’ve given up and gone back to the few clouds preset where I can actually control the plane on the ground, but I miss live weather and want to master ground control if in fact it is me, and not the sim that is at fault.

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I believe it is to a degree. If you don’t turn into the wind, the upwind wing will get lifted up. In very high winds, where I haven’t fully corrected for this, it can lead you to travelling on the downwind, and nose wheel gear only.

It works. As for how to do it, there are plenty of good tips from real training schools online so it is best to find one of those that explains it in a way you understand than getting it here.

One thing to be careful off is that aircraft can be unsafe to fly in fairly small winds on the ground. In my aircraft I ran out of rudder authority at ~20knots crosswind. A lot of simers don’t take such realism into account. The higher the wind the higher the real world skill it takes to be able to do it so don’t feel bad if you are having trouble even in 10 knot gusty crosswinds in light aircraft.

Many here are hung up on “accuracy” in such ways as “I have to apply /more/less pressure than I would in real life”. Seeing we can’t fell the forces there is no way it can be that accurate. But what I can say is that if you are/were a real pilot then your training is definitely applicable to the sim. To me that is the key.

One day if we all have full motion platforms with all forces applied to stick and rudder then we can compare with real life more accurately.

That said, sometimes accuracy might be sacrificed because we can’t feel forces and because if you fly somewhere where it is always a negative it gets annoying. I like this to be configurable. Turbulence fits with this. Most of the time I like realistic turbulence but other times I’d like to reduce it so I can concentrate on other aspects of the flying. Just like I wish I could in real life!

Accuracy really isn’t a big issue in MSFS and I wish many here paid more attention to making the distinction between “accuracy” and “desirability”. Thanks for not assuming :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I will watch some real world videos then and try and get a feel for it. As you say it’s very hard when you get no actual physical force cues, or can even tell it’s windy from the sim looking outside as everything is static pretty much.

The windsock calibration issue doesn’t help so have to do mental gymnastics to get an idea of in-sim winds. It is easy to forget. I often fly where there are no METARs…

It’s even worse if there is no windsock in the sim!

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Yes, the airport I used for live weather, Wick in Scotland had no METAR or Atis so I had no idea what the windspeed was. I asked Alexa and she said the windspeed was 14 miles per hour which doesn’t sound much. I mean right now she is saying its 18 miles per hour outside my house and I just stepped on my patio and its a bit breezy but nothing concerning. I certainly couldn’t fathom it blowing a plane off a runway.

If the plane you fly has a GPS it will be able to show you the wind.

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