Is anybody able to get 1.18.14 hot fix update from windows 11 MS Store?

Hi all,
Is anybody successful get an update of 1.18.14 hotfix from windows 11 MS Store? Many thanks

B/Regards… Alex Ooi

Yes, took a couple of tries, have store running and logged in? Then start MSFS (couple of times)? If not servers might be busy?

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You can try to open the MSFS app page in the store, usually doing so will “kickstart” the update process. It’s not just MSFS, though… I find that’s the behaviour of Windows Store apps even in Windows 10. It never automatically updates for me, I have to open Windows store, and click Get Updates. If it doesn’t download anything, then I open a specific app then it suddenly starts downloading updates.

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I had to use the search bar to bring up the game page, where a button was available to update it. It would not auto-update at all, and selecting it from my library page did not show the same game page, but rather opened the xbox app instead, which also did not start the update.

Use the search bar.

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Getting the update seems impossible at the moment.
The downloads tab in the store has a “get updates” button top right but that only gives the message " You’re good to go. All apps and games from MStore have the latest updates".
Starting MSF whith the store page opened doesn’t do anything.
Using the search bar in the store also doesn’t do anything for me.

A bit of a bother, this.

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Steam users seems to have a better experience with updates.

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The only way I can trigger an update for any of my games at the moment is to visit the game page in the Store app - doing a check for updates in the Store or Xbox apps dont work - and its not just FS2020 its any installed game.


Yeah, this finally did it for me … Thank you grooner … what a complete mess MS are making of this.

Never had an issue, see update is released, >Go directly to MS Store> click 3 dots .Select updates> let it do it’s stuff. Launch MSFS rest of the update completes.

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