Is anybody having issues with the B747's avionic screen glideslope?


I got Bredock’s new B747 liveries and pre-take off the glideslope is UP so when you rotate the plane already thinks you are climbing.

As a result take off is almost impossible.

Are other people have this issue with the B747?

This needs to be sorted.

Was not the case before (not going to put it all on Bredock cos I tried the DEFAULT B747s and it was the same issue).

Well, I have a question!

There is no such thing as a takeoff glideslope.
A glideslope is part of the Instrument Landing System (ILS). An ILS sends a signal to the airplane from the ground so that the airplane maintains the proper slope to land. (the other part of the ILS is the localizer, which sends a signal to the airplane for centering on the runway)

Can you explain a bit better, if not, maybe a pic or a vid as to what is going on?

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There is a glitch on take off. The plane thinks you are already in the air - when you look at avionic screen the green crosses (that is meant to be your plane) shows that you are WAY above the glideslope (the horizon).

So - when you take off and rotate - it doesn’t do it immediately as it thinks you are already in the air.

Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

This is with the B747 (since Bredock entered this B747 livery market)

No coincident and Bredock always has made ■■■■ finishes on his products (or them).

Ok, that cross is the “flight director”.
All it does is show the pilot where to place the little cube.
Keeping the little cube centered in the crosshairs keeps the plane on the intended path (both the vertical and horizontal paths).
The flight director doesn’t really do anything else.

If the plane doesn’t rotate at Vr, you probably have a Center of Gravity issue.
This occurs when the load in the airplane is not centered.
To correct this, you need to go to the “weight and Balance” screen.
Top right in there, you will see the Center of Gravity slider.
You will see below that, the maximum is 44 and the minimum is 14.
Halfway between them, doing a little math, is 29.
Move the slider to get around that value.
Any time you add or change load, you need to adjust that slider. It keeps the load balanced (not too far forward, and not too far aft).
If the load is not centered, you will have too much weight in the wrong spot, and in some cases, cannot get off the ground.
That is a real life thing as well.


Cheers - I will try it later and let you know how it turned out.

I was trying to take off with a full fuel tank.

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It appeared to work! Cheers.

I used B747 again full tank - near full payload and changed the centre of gravity.

Took off and it was easier this time (of course the physics of the weight was there but much better).

Before was a joke!

I take back what I said about Bredock’s work lol

I never had to interfere with the centre of gravity issue before, now it is something I will check before ‘flying’.



I have a new issue lol I will post on this same forum topic - hopefully you see it!

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Can somebody tell me what this means - on the avionic screen? here.

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