Is anyone else getting constant CTD's lately?

Ive been able to fly since day 1, running into a few hiccups along the way. During the past 3 days, i have only been able to get at most 5 minutes in before the sim just crashes out. It has definitely never been this prevalent before. Is anyone else experiencing this lately?

I haven’t noticed any reduction in stability. Where in the world are you flying and what are your system specs and graphics settings? Do you have any addons?

Hey! You look just like me. Look at Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Security and Maintenance\Reliability Monitor and you can get some clue there. A new OXR runtime came out about that many days ago. The monitor will show what’s been installed and the CTD fault codes can help narrow things down

It happens at any airport in the world. Ive had it happen with my community folder cleared and also in safe mode. I suspect that it might be this latest nvidia driver causing this issue. Im currently going back to 466.77 since that worked really well for me. I was hoping that this latest driver would fix the issues that i had with like the past 8 nvidia drivers.

Mobo: tuf gaming 990FX r 2.0
Cpu: fx-8320
gpu: gtx 1060 ftw
Ram: 32gb ddr3

I dont think its my hardware since the game ran beautifully up until a few days ago.

Oh abd my graphics settings are pretty high, but they have been this whole time. They arent fully maxed, but mostly. Draw distance is at 100, light rays off etc.

If the older drivers don’t help, then post the fault codes as PostalMite89183 suggested, or upload your crash dump files.

I looked in that control panel thing that he told me about, but it didnt have any information in it. Ill have to find out how to find the crash logs work, but ill keep you updated.

Try running UltraSearch in Administrator mode and search the system drive (usually C:) for *.dmp files.

The following program may also help:

0 CTDs on the 8 beta. It’s not perfect, but it’s very stable.

I think it was that nvidia driver. Its been goin like it should for a few hours now.

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Ok that’s good have fun!

Also, check to see if you’ve loaded the latest RealTek audio driver. That was the culprit for almost 10 days on the ground for me due to CTDs. Remove it and that should help.

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