Is anyone else going to fall for this again?

I think Generally the sim is fantastic where i personally think major issues lies is with quality control. There are numerous bugs introduced with updates that are never fixed this is so frustrating i also think only fixing things in widely spaced Sim updates is wrong i would rather more frequent smaller bug fixes perhaps with the option of them being optional until the major updates.

This is why im currently uninterested in msfs2024 unless bug fix philosophy is changed im uninterested


Any CV sim, struggle as default, fsx, p3d are terrible with default ( events with all these years already 10+ more), you need to spend tons for atc, Ai traffic, weather, aircraft, scenery, mesh, photo real and list goes on and on, xp12 have their own issue.The bug that a software can’t fix, it’s people came on forum even after 3-4 years, still arguing the same soup and never found any others software to use with all these years, there is others but are still using the same, this bug can’t be fixed: it’s called move forward and good luck with your next episode.

But they have hardly been open about the obvious issues have they. We have blithely been purchasing addons only to be told that they may cause issues with the sim. We downloaded free content only to be told the same. We have been given extras by the developers themselves and hey guess what, yep they may cause issues. It is potentially a gem but it’s tarnished by keeping the people who have supported it in the dark.


Of course they may cause issues with the sim - surely that’s a given? Third party add-ons, mixed and matched with countless other add-ons, how on earth could you reasonably expect anyone to account for every single combination of DLCs, button presses, etc? Even moreso when you consider some of the stuff you’ve downloaded hasn’t even come via the Marketplace, but somehow you expect MS/Asobo to have tested for every eventuality?


This is widely extended perception but it´s wrong in my opinion. Most third party addons still use the native game features. Basically all airports do it, as not so much add custom navigation data for instance. Few aircraft addons use scripts and even less have a custom flight model. The majority of them use the native game gauges for their cockpits and the native flight models with adjusted config variables values only. And all addons have to be compiled using the official SDK before going to game anyway. Compiler won´t allow critical errors to exist as compilation will fail. Even in case of errors, if you ignore compilation or try to manually bypass it, when any addon has a catastrophic error like a wrong texture size on a 3D model or a wrong navigation data manual configuration, it crashes upon loading game directly, as soon as addon is being processed by game during loading and will always crash there.

Most of the issues in game are indeed caused by memory management, online services providing inconsistent data, null variables or due to a completelly unavailable online services. In terms of content don´t forget that all official content (base files, navigation data, airports, aircraft and world updates) are still addons. Game core files are very few (it´s basically the exe and a few supporting files). So official content shall be still maintained in accordance to the corrections introduced by each SU. This is not always the case as many addons are updated several days or even weeks after the official SU is in place and you can see how they drop errors like “missing dependencies” for instance or their systems/avionics don´t work completely. Therefore any third party addon that is based on such official content or native features will drop the same errors as well until the official content is updated and there´s nothing third party developers can do about that, except not using those native features or official content in their addons, which may not be always possible.



Why of course? Yes agreed as far as third party is concerned but market place? Nah, shouldn’t happen. End of.

Sorry, I don’t get where you’re coming from. I have downloaded and used literally THOUSANDS of addons over the past three years, and am constantly using about 650 at the same time in the Community folder (in addition to a few things I bought through the marketplace).
Apart from a few problems like the infamous double-modellib.bgl bug (which isn’t MSFS’s fault) there have been only very very occasional glitches. Of course something MAY cause issues. But those issues can be the fault of the dev as well some incompatibility with another mod or addon.

In fact compared to other heavily moddable games, MSFS is ridiculously stable in that regard, even with more invasive Sim Updates. Mostly aircraft have been affected by those and of course some addons that conflict with World Updates (which is logical).

Complaining TODAY about compatibility in MSFS2024 is completely useless since noone has any idea what is to come and complaining because you’re frightened what might come is a waste of time. Especially since Asobo and MS said during the first MSFS2024 presentation that most addons will work with the new version. So until the release day comes there’s only totally baseless speculation.

I’m not really sure what people want or expect. On the one hand they complain about missing functions and existing bugs and want MSFS to grow and improve, and on the other hand they complain about occasional hickups with 3rd party addons when improvements are made.

Those 3rd party addons aren’t made by Microsoft or Asobo. The 3rd party devs are responsible for keeping them up to date with the main platform and most of them do willingly without complaining. It’s just like 3rd party developers are responsible for keeping their software up to date with the latest Windows, Android or Apple version, or other platforms that use extensions like Photoshop, SAP or multiple CAD tools.


The question was are going to fall for this again. I was highlighting what we have already fallen for and will be unlikely to do so again. Sorry.

I am certain that many simmers will be unsatisfied with 2024. It will not fix all their bugs/annoyances and will likely introduce new ones. But it will still be worth it.

MSFS is probably the most flexible game ever. It’s really a sandbox to simulate thousands of different scenarios. For any one of those, there will be immersion-breaking defects. But only a small percent of simmers have a problem with those. Repeat for every other type of activity someone does in the sim. But also with the customization and ease of addons, everyone can mitigate these to some extent.

I don’t think it’s possible to 100% eliminate every bug because the next smaller bug will get pointed out anyway. And some things are not really bugs, just the limits of simulation. Look at the threads about weather and clouds. Since it can never perfectly simulate nature, people will be perpetually critical.

With 2024, I predict that it will be seen to move the sim toward a more game-like direction and even though it will still be just as capable as a serious flight sim, people will resent the more gamified features.

But I am looking forward to better mission building tools because you can already see so many players finding unique multiplayer experiences where they get together and role play or just fly as a group. They will welcome richer story telling opportunities.

Agreed and I am not disputing what you are saying :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing for me though is that imperfect though it is:

  • bugs and all
  • issues still outstanding and all

it is still (for me) by far the best civ flight sim out there. Unfortunately at the moment the only other alternative for me, XP12, isn’t even in the running.

For me that is the bottom line :+1:


I do unfortunately have to agree with you but……. If I may. Being the highest floater doesn’t necessarily make it the one on the surface if you get my drift. :wink:

I do get your drift, yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad I finished my evening meal a couple of hours ago though :rofl:

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Bless you I hope you enjoyed. No doubt lobster adjoined with a nice Chablis :innocent:

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Ha … That would have done nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s hard to distinguish I feel, the I’ve been ripped off from the I’m disappointed view. For me personally the impressive steps forward are equalled by what I see as steps back. The lack of a user friendly replay tool the seemingly total disregard of what works and what doesn’t is to my mind a failure with the market place. The free aircraft are in my mind not worthy of inclusion in what is supposedly the crème de la crème of the flight sim genre.
2024 is going to have to be a total game change for it to restore a lot of our faith.

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