Is anyone NOT having issues?

Haven’t had a chance to load the sim yet after the update but just been watching the forums and there’s a lot of negativity as usual after an update.

Just wondering if anyone isn’t experience severe crashing etc and having the sim perform as it should?

There have been several threads with titles like “performance is the best ever!” so I’m pretty sure some people are having a better time of it. :wink:


People who aren’t having issues (like me) are busy flying instead of posting here . I’ve been flying all day on both Xbox and PC and it’s been a blast!


I’ve not had any problems. I did a couple quick test flights and my performance has definitely improved. I won’t get to do any real flying until the weekend though.

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Almost all crashing is caused by third party incompatibility. I’ve flown 20+ hours with the sim at a steady 50+ fps even over New York and London and was amazed by the smoothness and the new colors. This was on 5120x1440 and everything ultra!
So yes this is a giant leap forward. Forget the complainers! Mostly happy people don’t post here, they fly. I post here sometimes to create balance in the simming universe by posting positive things. Otherwise this forum will become a dark place :wink:.


The Aeroplane Heaven C140 - so far - flies great, as always. My home airport - KPRB - looks so much better. Lots of little subtle things seem/look improved. I like the updated GUI too.

I’d say, “So far, so good!”

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Frame rates are up which is good.
Sim pauses excessively but I suspect that is background downloads from content manager causing that.
some quirkyness but overall so far not too bad.

Seen a lot of players at KJFK so guess we are busy playing?

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I was having CTD issues, but when I went into CONTENT MANAGER and made sure everything was up to date and exited MSFS and restarted it seems my CTDs have stopped.
My frame rates have doubled pretty much maybe more because I was running on the HIGH settings and now I’m on ULTRA with all LODs at 100.
If this keeps up I’ll be a happy camper.
Z590 ROG Strix
32Gb Ram
AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

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Well I’m pretty happy with it and would still be even if my GT1030 was actually supported. The only problem I’ve faced so far is my old Iceland landing challenge score has gone west and the new one I just set isn’t registering but I’m certain that it will soon be fixed. Even going over my vram budget I’m not dropping frames which is pretty amazing IMO

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Im personally not having any issues with the sim.

However my one nitpick is that they changed the control scheme on PC to reflect XBox and so its a bit weird. I can no longer see the percentages when changing my power control levers when flying my 208 Caravan. So now i REALLY have to look at the engine parameters more closely when adjusting.

I just wish there was an option to stay with the original control and visual scheme.

Other than the AI traffic not having navigation lights, I have had no issues. Double the FPS in almost all cases. Running 1440p maxed settings, or 4K with nearly maxed on an RTX 2080 Super overclocked. I was getting bad performance before the update.

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So fps is great so the sim is great ?

How about the downgraded graphics ( clouds … ground textures ) ?

Delete and reset your rolling cache

Best experience ive had in MSFS since update, no issues on my end.

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I spent last night flying the Bell 47G and the Carenado Waco around Seattle. Only problem was when I finally shut down the Waco, the sim froze and I had to kill it in the task manager. Otherwise great experience!!! Before SU5 my graphics settings were mainly on High, and my system had problems keeping 30 FPS in this area. Now I am on Ultra and one area north of the city facing south with some very minor stutters. Very happy :smiley:

Still not able to install the PC version again.

I need to both be able to limit the bandwidth the download takes from my internet and need to have the GPU not running at 100% when downloading.

As long as this is not fixed in the downloader program, for reasons of PC and internet usage for more important things, I won’t be able to download the PC version until later next month.

Very reliefed the Xbox version is out. I just switch it on and fly.

Not using roling cache at all :grimacing:

I di not think rolling cache is influencing the bright clouds or ■■■■■■ colored textures on ground either. Or the bad textures on and in some plane.

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Oh what a shame, at least I’m enjoying myself so it could be worse.

Apart from a handful of CTDs the performance increase on my system is outstanding. After removing the FBW A320 Ive not experienced any CTDs which I believe may have been causing the issue for me. Also noticed its not listed in the Marketplace now which is interesting. Its actually a pleasurable experience for me now.

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