Is anyone NOT having issues?

No issues at all. Flying 50+ FPS all the time with a little dip to 45 in complex airports. I don’t recognize any of the ctd issues mentioned here. I really think that people sometimes rather rant than empty their community folder, because hey, this should work, not? But it doesn’t work, not for a week or so.

So I am having a lot of fun with the sim, flying hours and hours (Great Britain has beautiful landscape :wink:), but absolutely vanilla.

There’s room for improvement though, of course:

  • the little stutters that still sometimes occur can hopefully been taken care of to make it even smoother
  • The clicking sound when trimming has to go away
  • lessen the fps dip on panning
  • make the clouds less washed out. These are too white now
  • fix the altimeter bug. This is a deal breaker for airliner pilots, which I fully understand

These are all known issues to Asobo, so we just have to be patient I guess.



I agree. The clouds are one of the things that I find have degraded. They are too white, too washed out at the moment. I am sure that Asobo is aware of this and will fix it.
But yes, still it’s a great sim, and not only because of the fps.

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Besides laggy mouse behavior and some small bugs it works fine for me, even with Live Traffic enabled.

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Live traffic OK, A.I. traffic not OK

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AI traffic is a known issue.

You can switch back to Legacy mode under General - Accessibility.

After having some time with the sim, the update is fantastic. It definitely has some issues but overall its great.

I am starting to CTD though, never had CTD’s before this update so I’m a little concerned, but trusting in a hotfix sometime soon!

No issues, and framerate nearly doubled as advertised (not really advertised, but showcased)
Charles De Gaulle is still a poopshow but at least now it’s a 30fps poopshow rather than 15 fps. :’)

32gb 3600 C16
RTX 3080

set a low FPS limiter to MSFS, like 30 fps, that’ll solve the gpu issue.

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i have never had a smoother flightsim…smooth as glass now.

had little time to check, after the usual time spent resetting all the stuff that went havoc (like every update so fat but one), i.e. graphic settings, mouse profile, cockpit/mouse highlights (the now so-called “legacy” stuff).
No crashes, some microstutters (the red lines on the FPS bar) almost unappreciable during flight. FPS are in general better than before, but I preferred to maintain them to 30-35 and use that optimization to increase render scaling from 100 to 150%… and what an improvement in image quality!
By the way, my system is a true mid-range, 6-year-old stuff, i7 4370 and RTX 1070 with 64Gb RAM (on that I didn’t bargain)

There is no doubt, performance has been improved, but at what cost? Well you can see that yourself from the myriad of screenshots posted by users with high end PC’s. The graphics have pretty obviously taken a major hit in various departments.

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Not issues that much. Yesterday I encountered that atmosphere temperature bug, hopefully it will be fixed asap. At first I was little disappointed about the tree draw line and the blurriness of the distant textures. Modifying the UserCfg.opt values seemed to help that. Pleased with the performance.

My system:

i5 10400
RTX 3070
1TB NVMe 3000MB/s r/w
Slow ADSL internet max 18mbps
Windows 11 Insider Build

partpicker2021 - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker

It took a long while to update first something like 600MB then 40GB then another 20GB. Probably over 24hrs in total due to my slowish internet bandwidth 18mbps. I reduced the installer window size with alt-enter then minimised so GPU usage remains very low as I knew it would take a very long time. Sometimes the installer window can seem unresponsive when I try to maximise but leave it a few minutes and it pops up again. Eventually it got it done - only once did it say disconnected from marketplace but exiting and relaunching fixed that straight away and it happily carried on downloading updates.

I run the game vanilla always have. I have CH Fighterstick, Throttle, and pedals which I map in-game.

My stress test is flying a 747 from Newark International over Manhattan to La Guardia. Before this update at 4K 70% scale and low/mid setttings it was a chopfest and buildings and stuff just looked rough. I didn’t realise how bad it was till this update. SU5 has transformed performance, I can now run at 4K 100% resolution at high-end settings, all live data on, photogrammetry and Vsync 30fps remains for the most part solid 30 with only a few minor dips. GPU usage is mostly around 70-75%, probably CPU limited but 30fps is enough for me. How everything is rendered, the scenery, buildings, sky and so on now all look so much better like the trailers. I can now really appreciate the 4K resolution, I use TrackIR well actually OpenTrack or mouselook so not just a static view and when I put my system together I wasn’t expecting it to be capable of this level of performance. I can now forget about the fps monitor and just enjoy the game. No CTDs either.

Lastly a few minor issues which were easily fixed by setting some control to defaults as I think control mapping has changed.

I didn’t have issues…until this update.

I was so reluctant to download SU5 after reading these forums.

But when I did, 0 performance/stability issues of any kind. Running all the previous mods i had before, with live traffic too.

Just the minor bugs everyone has already reported plus I don’t particularly like how washed-out the sim looks in daylight.

No offence, but that’s not necessarily true. “Have you removed mods?” is one of the first questions asked when someone complains about a CTD, and the answer is nearly always that the person has emptied their community folder. Then there’s people like me, who have a completely fresh install and are getting CTDs on the menu screens, nevermind in flight, which we never had before the patch.

I’m happy that many people are able to fly trouble free, but please don’t assume it means everyone with issues must be doing something “wrong”.

That said, the forums are not representative of how common patch-related issues are. As another poster said, those having no problems will be flying in the sim rather than posting here. Given the backlash against those who dare to suggest the latest patch improved the sim for them, even the happy bunnies who do come here probably avoid saying anything. I know I would.

As for me, I’m reserving judgement for a while. On the occasion I managed to get through the menus and into a flight, it quickly became clear that server issues were causing most of the in-flight issues I was personally seeing. I’ll wait until the rush dies down a bit and try a few more flights before blaming the patch for my problems.


since this morning no ctd anymore dont know what they did last night but it is gone. furthermore since update my 3080 and ram uses are 60% instead of 100%. and I am completely stutter and hickup free.
I normally had 3 routes which gave me all the stutter trouble but its all gone. very happy and a big thank to asobo.

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Major issue for me, joined a group last night and I now cant leave the group and I can’t change weather, time or any other options as flight conditions is greyed out.

Really annoyed in all honesty

I´m having minor issues (problems starting engine 1 as others have mentioned and problems with the taxi and landing lights). Besides that the overall improvement is great. I haven´t had any CTDs. I can fly with my G2 with every setting maxed and get 30 FPS. That is a major improvement. I guess the little glitches will be taken care of in the next couple of days. All together I´m very impressed and satisfied.

My system i9-10900 with an RTX 3090 and 64 gig ram.