Is Asobo going to fix image stretching on ultrawide monitors?

The image looks like captured through a fish eye

I’m curious - do you have an example of this?
I’m running on a ultrawide monitor myself and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it.

My resolution is: 3840x1200


Yea ultrawides are just a waste in the sim right now. Triple monitors are better if you can use nvidia surround.

Here’s one link talking about this on triple monitor setups.

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Mine is fine at 3440x1440


Look to the edges of the monitor. It’s most obvious when there’s an ai plane on the side of the monitor in exterior view. It will look stretched. There’s no FOV slider so you can’t fix it.

It’s most obvious to those who came from a regular 16:9 monitor then moved to ultrawide. You don’t see more stuff. Just stretched on the sides.

Indeed. It is clearly seen in the two screen prints. Captured the screen shots while pausing.

I’m running a 5120x1440 resolution

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I run ultrawide and expect that when zoomed out. If you’re trying to get fov approaching 180 on a flat or near flat surface that has to happen. The only way around it is to have your projected surface match your fov like a commercial simulator. You’d need a very curved surface for that.

The whole thing about distortion hinges at zoom.

Firstly if you are bothered about distorted images then do NOT use the external wiev. The only way of moving in and out (translation) is through zoom in/out.
If you zoom out you get distortion (as someone wrote like a fisheye lens)
Thw same goes for the cockpit. Alot seem to favour zooming out 30, 40, 50pct zoom specially if they have a narrow screen…so they can get a panoramic wiev.

My cockpit zoom is always set at 60 pct zoom. Why? Because this gives me the right wieving angle and distance from the instruments (I also move back slightly alt/arrow down as translation works in cockpit)
In real life you have the instrument panel right below your nose almost.
The key component for me is trackir which allows me to look around (could not fly without that) and get the “panoramic” sensation.
Also I have my 49 inch screen app. 40 cm, 15 inches in front of me. I wear glasses but uses special ones that focuses at that distance. This works fantastic.

In external wiev i almost only use showcase, drone wiev set at 60-70 pct zoom and then move back. No distortion then.

The external wiev is sort of arcade wiev where as if you want proper undistorted wiev you have to use the drone cam (have an xbox controller just for that).