Is Asobo's server down?

I have spent the last two hours trying to load a flight. After I set it up on the world map and hit fly now, the progress bar slooowly goes all the way to the end, then nothing else happens. I’ve let it sit there for about 15 minutes then end up shutting the sim down through task manager. I thought it might be a couple of scenery libraries I put in the community folder, but I’ve since removed them, so that’s not it. I’ve even tried it with a clean community folder, so it must be something on the back end. Is anyone else having the same issue?


I’ve been having the same thing happen the last 48 hours, after weeks of perfect performance.

I did a flight yesterday and all was fine it also looked fantastic. Flight from same area today and it looked like all the scenery was very low quality like offline and no trees. It then CTD so restarted and got more trees back but general ground scenery is still very low quality. I think it is server issues considering how awesome the exact same area looked yesterday

I don’t know if this is related or not but I’ve started getting repeated CTD whenever I boot up the sim and enter the main menu. I just tried uninstalling the sim and reinstalling it and there’s no difference. Just CTD when I get to the main menu. Huge pain because I’ve now lost all my saved settings since reinstalling it.

The CTD just started last night. Before then I’d been having a relatively smooth experience since the SU5 launch.

Same here, game would not load, rebooting the pc fixed it. I also updated the DC6 liveries, but don’t think that had anything to do with it.

Ok, jeez…so after an entire morning of troubleshooting, I ruled out it being a server thing, and something apparently went haywire with a particular airport (RJBB - Osaka). Any other airport loads up fine. I don’t even have any addon scenery for this airport, just the Asobo Japan update . It just seems like stupid little things like this crop up too often, which usually causes hours of researching.

Maybe due to the hurricane and everyone trying to fly thru it at the same time?

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Just got into a flight there out of New Orleans, no CTD thankfully, but yeah the Bing data wasn’t loading. There must be something up somewhere with a server.

Nah it should be fine there. It should be more than able to hand it all.

Made a light yeasterday and all looked okay. Started a flight from same Airport today and it looks awfull. Grainy clouds and also way to bright.

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