Is combat now the next paid DLC?

With the release of the Top Gun DLC featuring war planes and low level radar avoidance scenarios is the next step going to be combat?

Nope, and they’ll delete your post for even mentioning combat because it’s against the rules… Even though Flight Simulator partnered with a film series about combat lol.


Very unlikely.

They seem super against even visual weapon models or any sort of mention of combat whatsoever. I guess it has to do with the rating. Seems unlikely that’ll change.

Nops, they doesnt even show fire on the airplane…

I hope not.

Makes about as much sense as anything else these days


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Microsoft flight simulator is ESRB rated E for everyone.
This allows them the widest reach that makes the sim possible to finance and keep the project viable for MS. As such, adding destruction and war elements would go against the rating, hence why it’s very improbable to see these elements in the future.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s unlikely airliner manufacturers would be as willing to license their aircraft to a simulator that includes a combat element, and I’m sure this must play a big part in their stance on the issue.

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I’d rather have a Light sport aircraft dlc

If you want combat there’s DCS


Any chance in the history of flight simulation would the leader of the industry want to up the E rating to appeal to the masses though? That’s my question. I know flight simulation is a revered and time honored tradition among flight enthusiasts and for them flight is absolutely all it should be. Don’t pollute the waters of something so pure right? My suggestion is let people get on multiplayer that want to have that kinda fun and anyone else can keep to themselves or small groups of their friends and fly the friendly skies till their hearts content. We can all have fun with this can’t we?

Some interesting points, specifically about ratings etc. Could implementing laser tagging be added to avoid rating changes, much like Viper on Maverick in the original film?

We wouldn’t see the destruction but the fun would still be there.

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I hope not. And I think there is more than enough software out there for those who like to play war.

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In short: no
If you want to shock and aw, please move to DCS.
Also use the search function for in depth knowledge regarding this.

a thread about combat allowed to run this long?
msfs2020 will lose its E for everyone rating

So what exactly is micro/sobos intent then? If they continue trying to appeal to that crowd in such enticing ways; with racing, combat maneuvering, space flight, etc., then what’s their game? I wanna know.

The Top Gun DLC is there in the same spirit as the Reno races, and the F18, and the Spitfire etc.

They are in the sim to allow people to feel what it is/was like to fly these amazing aircraft.
Not to engage in warfare.
But to fly.

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Thank you sir! I believe that answers it for me. :blush:

This. This! A Thousand times this!

No discussion of combat. MSFS is rated E for Everyone. Let’s move on.