Is DX12 Broken Ground Tiles Fixed?

I know it is. It was blamed on nvidia. nvidia responded with a driver. it didn’t fix it. my point


I got a poor blurry ground textures after take off in KMIA. With DX12. Really annoyed.

Did you have this issue before SU15 Beta? I didn’t. On SU 14 stable and all the way back I NEVER had any base textures seen through airport imaginary. Even with DX12 and FG. Only SU15 Beta ruined them. For me at least.

It’s a DX12-specific issue, and it’s been going on through several sim updates. Numerous threads about it. Doesn’t strike 100% of the time. You might not see it for days at a time, then bam it’s consistent for a while.


For me it’s been much worse in the beta. Possible to correct in dev mode airport but usually reappears at some stage

Since I’ve got a GPU with a decent amount of VRAM DX12 is way better than DX11. It’s not only framegen (which I even couldn’t do on my 3090 without the recent dll mod). It’s just way smoother. It gets rid of all the microstutters I had with DX11. When I had a 3080 with 12GB VRAM there wasn’t much of a difference. That changed completely when I swapped that for a 24GB 3090. A few days ago, after my brain lost the fight with my heart, I got a 4090… and can finally play in VR with TAA 100% :slight_smile:

The bug itself is pretty annoying. I get it on almost any hand crafted airport. Bing tiles popping up above the custom ones in random places. It’s very annoying and unbelievable it’s not a high priority to fix such an obvious bug.

Here is a good example: around 05:20


Ok, I guess recent GPU are required to see and feel the difference then.

If I’m not wrong, dx12 is still not officially supported, so that’s not surprising other bug fixes receive a higher priority

This issue has been around since release of SU10.

It’s even worse now with SU15. Before it used to show up on rare occasions but now it just shows up every single time. What triggers it is changing views.

Asobo officially stated that DX12 improvements would continue to be made but yet DX12 has not had any improvements since SU10.

Let’s not forget that one of the biggest marketing points when the RTX 4090 released was frame generation which would make MSFS performance exceptionally better. Both Nvidia and Asobo showcased this many times. But it’s pretty crippling now since we have to deal with this major immersion killer of these broken tiles.

So you promote a product which is basically kinda broken.

Some folks are fine just ignoring the issue and some don’t.

Regardless if DX12 is still in beta or not, this issue has been around for close to 2 years now.

Asobo first said it was Nvidia issue and that Nvidia would fix with a driver. Welp, we all know that was all BS.

And ever since, Asobo has not said a SINGLE word about the issue. It even gets ignore in the dev Q&A. Smh!!


Looks good to me … (DX12,



With DX12 i still have all sorts of grass patches on runways and taxiways all over the place… so for me its not fixed.

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I’m not sure that’s the same issue. If a tile was showing grass in one case, and runway in another, the imagery would have had to have been taken years apart.

What your are describing sounds like an error in Blackshark AI built runways. I have an example image of this somewhere.

I found a few like this, and created tickets for them on the Support site. The one above is from October 6th 2020.

Here’s another from November 22nd 2020. These were errors in the texturing of the airport, not tiles of scenery that did not load in correctly.

Is this what you are referring to? If not, please post an image here of what you are seeing.

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For me DX12 has the above problem of bad tiles displayed in place of correct ones in airports, depending on the moving on the airport (plane, drone)

But il also has some other problems:

  • Tiles missing in the horizon during a flight (they appear as blank filling)

  • The quality rendering (filters for anti-aliasing and anisotropy) of the ground textures during a flight is very degraded compared to DX11.

So for the moment I go back to DX11 until a solution is found for DX12. I loose the frames generation, but the terrain textures are fare better and of constant quality.


Same here i ha the same issue everywhere i go

Again, stop flying the star destroyer into the death star and your tiles would improve (exist).
Seriously, the tiles are a nasty side effect of being able to DX12.

It’s frustrating. Its my biggest pet peeve with developers/producers etc. Make something that works, fix the bugs/issues and quirks. And then…only then…should you add more features. I know they dedicate certain teams to certain places but I don’t care, frankly.

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That has been a long standing, and understandably argued against, claim that if Asobo stopped releasing WU’s, and instead concentrated on bug fixes, that things would improve. Different teams work on different things, and the artists creating POI’s aren’t fixing flight model issues, for example.

But I do wonder if it could affect the cadence of updates because you wouldn’t have to have team(s) QA’ing both an SU, and a WU, or now CU, or teams scheduling in said updates as there would now only be one kind. If it made any difference at all I would be happy to have a single year where we get no more official, first party content, and have that year dedicated to getting as many long standing, since release or even pre-release, bugs fixed up, and only then move forward.

There are two potential, big disappointments coming:

  1. These old bugs will never be fixed because of the focus on 2024.
  2. 2024 will have those bugs still present.

1 makes me sad, 2 makes me sadder.


Honestly I’ve seen them actively pushing out fixes that have been stuck in the wishlist for years, and I’m 99% sure it’s because they actually have budget and headcount to work on general fixes for the 2024 release and found that some of them were easy to backport to 2020. :slight_smile:

While it’s true that at some point they’re gonna stop backporting to 2020, and some things will only get fixed in 2024 (or get left for later), I’m happier with the pace of development this year than I was the year before that’s for darn sure.


I’ve had this same issue, on my sim I get a black line that appears in the ocean until I fly closer to it then the tile fixes itself. Also found in SU15 Beta.

Yeah, its just me ranting to nobody, really. Still, my biggest pet peeve about most things. Everything should just simply work. Period. Once those kinks are fixed then add the fun stuff. But what do I know