Is everything down?

Reinstalled this sim after months… I got a new PC and reinstalled it today and figured I can’t wait to fly. First I was getting a couldn’t authenticate license error. Now I am getting:

Then I go to the Microsoft Store and search msfs and I get this:

Then I go to the xbox app and this happens: I cannot click on any of the buttons that used to exist next to “Play”. I can’t view details, uninstall or anything…

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Yes, I have the same problem!!! EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

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■■■■■ Christ give me strength

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Xbox Gamepass is down.

Me too
yesterday all perfect today … this …

Now it seems is working again, let see!!

Likewise here, there is this issue listed in Azure Playfab

As you can tell from the “Solution” post below, this doesn’t seem to be the reason


Not working for me still…

Hello! Thank you for the reports. We are looking into the issue and will report back.


It looks like the MS Store and Subscriptions is having a major outage at the moment, which looks to be affecting use of the MS store, making external or in-sim purchases, authenticating purchases, and more.

Edit: This appears to now be resolved.