Is HDR even worth it?

Whats the name of your monitor and how much did you pay?

It is a 65 inch TCL HDTV.


MSRP = around $899.00 USD

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Hey, since you seem to know a lot about the HDR, today I found that HDR is fairly significantly different between windowed mode and full screen mode. Is that normal? a bug? Full Screen mode made the cockpit much darker.
I have to say between my monitors different HDR modes (its a BenQ EX2710Q) and being able to adjust the HDR with the Windows calibration tool and then FS looking different whether its full screen or windowed, I’ve become really confused. Why can’t colors just be colors?

From what I remember, HDR doesn’t know “windows” so yes, you have to be in full screen mode for it to work (just like with FSR2/DLSS you have to be in full screen mode).

With HDR, you need to crank up the contrast to compensate for the darker cockpit.

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This is not true for me; fullscreen and windowed modes both work in HDR on my PC.

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No HDR here and the game looks great on my TV! It’s a 12+ old Bravia CCFL backlit LCD screen and I use the live color and contrast enhancer features coupled with setting the Xbox to RGB full. Just beautiful. All games. No HDR, no 4k. :smile:

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OK, so I fixed my ‘dark cockpits with full Screen HDR’ problem. Im not sure which solved it but I had ‘EyeAdaptation’ OFF in UserCfg.opt so I turned that back ON and I also created another ColorSpace profile using the Win11 Calibration Tool. I deliberately made it not as dark and not quite as bright. Its still quite bright but the dark cockpits have gone away.
Also - the tool has some issue where the mouse freezes on the full screen settings – but it will eventually let you make the adjustments. and don’t think you need to increase the color saturation. I had set mine to halfway between default and whatever ‘full sat’ would be and it was way too much. I recommend ‘default’.
I think I may try one more time to cut the highlights down but I really think its Asobo that needs to work on the atmospheric lighting environment. There is absolutely no reason why the horizon should be excessively bright when looking away from the sun. Yes, the sun does shine through the atmosphere as it nears the opposite horizon and it tends to light up the other side of the sky a bit but not that much. and in most cases there is haze that knocks down that lower altitude light reflection/glow.
but in any case, check your settings…you may be able to run with HDR on. It does seem to work in both windowed and full screen mode but it works differently for some reason.
If for no other reason, HDR ON gives you 10 bit color which has to be good I would think.