Is it cheating to use external view on the landing challenges?

Title says it all, I certainly find these easier with external view. It’d be good if we could see videos of the top scorers landings and what views they used

I’ve noticed that in some cases it’s an advantage and in others it’s a disadvantage. So I would say no.

The question is: Do you want to realistically immerse yourself in the simulator?

Have a good flight.

use End key for external view.

Nah, you can’t cheat in a Simulator, take things at your own pace and when you’re comfortable, start turning assists off and try and do it by the book.

Or just stay in third person and play the Sim how you want to. :smiley:

No assists, I hope the landing challenges give lower points for those using them. Although I have trackir I often just can’t resist external view to be able to see my awesome aircraft and flying skills, and also the much better view of the scenery.

Yes, yes, yes. It said I had to use a minimum of 10 characters to post the word “yes”.

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