Is it just the Reverb G2 with washed out colours?


I’ve had another go in VR using my G2 and I just can’t use it with the washed out colours. Is it just the G2 that suffers with this or is it just MFS2020 VR as a whole?

I’m considering buying the Varjo Areo but it’s mainly to get better colours. I just don’t want to spend 2k if I’ll get the same results.


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i don’t have these issues. last update made them much better. definitely more true to life.

I upgraded from an Index to a G2. Colors were a bit washed out in the Index, but the somewhat low brightness of the reverb panel makes it worse. Looking forward to the Aero, the increased brightness and saturation seems to be quite good from the first impressions reports I’ve read.

So in conclusion: I think the Aero will improve the experience quite a bit. Edge-to-edge clarity and brightness/colors are reported to be a lot better than the G2.

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Play another game to compare. You will thus recognize the culprit. :wink:

I have been unsing my Reverb 1 since the early days of VR in MSFS and I can’t say I’ve seen any essential change in color quality since, neither to the worse nor to the better. Scenery colors are washed out indeed and partially unnatural, too. I have a color-calibrated 2D screen where MSFS grass looks like real grass. In the Reverb the same grass looks like poison jelly.

I can understand there can’t be wonders with resolution or FOV which are physically limited. But color should be possible to modify using sliders as they’re not performance-related.

I tried numerous educated suggestions including a hand full of Nvidia settings and SteamVR tools, but none of them was able to actually modify colors on my headset.

The Cliffhouse alone shows that clear and live-like colors can be done in the Reverb.

I certainly would be interested in reports using the Varjo Areo in conjunction with MSFS, too.

don’t worry, it’s up to the data being passed to openxr. It expects certain values for color space, gamma, etc., some of which are specific to each HMD. If values are missing, openxr inserts something there. It will surely be fixed at some point.

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Got my Reverb G2 earlier this week. Loving VR so far, but yes, the colors are certainly washed out for me.

With the Quest 2 since the Australia update there is too much orange and crimson. Clouds at sunset are too orange/red as if there is a massive fire. Landscapes with what should be yellowish grass paddocks are deep crimson.

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