Is it me or is it FS2X?

I seem to be hearing more complaints and negative feedback lately about FS2X than I’m hearing praise. Is it me or do MS need to do some damage control ASAP?

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It has issues but the noise you hear comes from a loud minority. MSFS is a hit and a lot of people are too busy enjoying themselves instead of freaking out on forums.


Personally i am doing both… enjoying the flying and… grabs popcorn… crazy people watching on the forums.


Yeah, me too popcorn without end.

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That reminds me, i should check the “Days since last Flightsim community drama counter” over at /r/flightsim.

FS2X is my nomenclature for MSFS2020 - FS2X is simply shorter.


Oh, that flight sim, Yes, that’s the one I am enjoying. It’s great. A huge number of users are enjoying it, a minority are having issues but a patch release for them is imminent.


I think, in our current climate, it is far easier to complain than to praise. That’s pretty much all you hear on the news. No different here.

Flight Sim works just fine for me, and for many of us here on the forum.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s less than two weeks old. FSX took two-plus years to get reliably stable.

@CaptClarence125 said it best: those of us who like it are having too much fun to complain! :smiley:


Bottom line is a significant number of users have had some sort of issue. Many were easily solved and many just made people upset. That being said as the issues begin to get resolved more of what you read is old news I’ve had only a handful of hick-ups that I was able to sort out through reading help here on the forums. I’ve also been reading the SDK for the game and understand more of the nuts and bolts of things. There are some bugs and incomplete parts of the programming that need attention but they should be dealt with soon. I feel the sim is going to be around for a while and look forward to some good flying.


There are people that may have a different view to you and maybe you hear them as loud because you can’t hear other opinions and listen at the same time .

Bring critical is not a synonym for negative especially in aviation.

I am a pilot and I look for every reason not to take my aircraft into the sky every time I do a preflight.


That’s a great point. This past week a little piece of software I use to track operating temps - NZXT Cam - pushed an update that broke Flight Sim. Within in hour it had been reported on the forum and - voila! - problem solved.

There are many, many good people on the forum with good knowledge. Many of the Tech Alpha folks are here. That experience is invaluable. Overall I couldn’t be (much) happier!

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What I ponder is, if one is having so much fun in MSFS then why are they here in the forums?

I can promise, that if I were or could be happy with MSFS at this juncture I would be flying MSFS, and I certainly would not be participating here, except for a brief and wonderful letter of thanks to the MSFS team.

I personally had wonderful intentions of tens of thousands of hours in MSFS, but I can’t. It’s not just 1 or 2 little things, I can handle bugs with a reasonable amount of latitude (and longitude :grin:).

Performance I can manage, I can buy a $7,000 PC today if necessary.

The aviation realism is simply not there…everything has already been mentioned, no need to hash it all out again.

But I can assure everyone, if I could be reasonably happy with MSFS I honestly swear I would be for the sake of peace.

So many saying how happy they are with MSFS, and also saying its not perfect. Perfect cannot be used literally in this case so it has to be considered a relative term. So since it is agreed it has flaws, the people who are happy, have an opportunity to report what they believe needs to be fixed and let others do the same; its really simple.

We, all together, can play part in making MSFS as “perfect” as it can be, but arguing as to what is “perfect” will get us NOWHERE.

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A lot of people are going to disparage anything Microsoft puts out whether good or bad, but in my judgment, the new MFS is the best so far bar none, and I have flown them all. It has its problems as any software as complicated as this is will, but comparing feature to feature of simulators as they come out of the box, MSF is the very best in most areas.

Many of the bugs, I’m sure, will be addressed soon. 3rd party providers will likely handle other areas that may not be the best.

I’ve flown over 35 hours since the release date of MSF, and that does not include install time. I have never flown that much so quickly in other flight simulators. To me, that speaks to the pleasure that MSF through its user experience, and that’s without adding any third party products.


Couldn’t you just call it msfs as the 2020 part isn’t even part of the title anyway.


Yes… just closing in on 35 hours myself. It’s loads of fun. And for me at least, pretty stable. I think they did a good job testing.

That said, I don’t (not in FSX either, except to dabble now and then) fly big jets. I prefer to “puddle jump” in GA aircraft from airports I’ve been to in the real world. It also allows me to “pre fly” airports I’ve never been to but would like to fly to.

I know that some of the buildings look like concrete blocks. I’ve seen clouds stalagmites “growing” out of clouds. It simply doesn’t bother me. I know that stuff will get better, and third party developers will release land mass that looks great and aircraft that function correctly and completely.

“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!” :sunglasses:


I believe the abbreviation that most are using for the software is MFS. (Microsoft is one word.)

MFS looks more like MicroFlightSimulator to me :joy:


MSFS would be enough, as its the official name, no?

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Can’t see it catching on…

We are all right. It’s a good game with lots of potential but still it needs a huge amount of damage control asap and I’m getting a bit sick of people saying it ain’t so just because they will easily put up with mediocrity and are happy with some arcade flying over pretty towns.

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