Is it me or is MSFS loading quicker after

It’s only my perception. I didn’t record any timings before and after, but I just get the feeling the sim is loading much faster than it was. And then at the end of a flight when returning to the main menu it is really, really quick.

Would be interested to know if anyone else felt the same?

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Yes… Maybe it is faster, for me.

I think they worked on the memory allocation procedures and it is taking less time with these allocation/deallocations. My task manager memory numbers are lower on this version.

Yeah it could be the case, I have a similar feeling but it could also be the placebo effect working through since the rest of the experience is so much better now.


the loading does feel faster and the ingame performance is much much better. whatever they did, it worked even on my old 4790K/GTX1080 setup.

I noticed a faster loading too, but the time from clicking “Fly Now” to the airport seems slower, allot slower actually. The patch has improved performance significantly for me.

Agree with you blueline

Only Placebo.

130 seconds from clicking the icon to the main menu.
Same as before, give or take a couple of seconds. This is with an empty community folder.


Same here. No mods.

I was only thinking this earlier today! I noticed my menu was up, ready to go and waiting for me before I even had my VR headset set up. In the past I still had a couple of minutes watching the blue bar move even after I’d got the headset working. Definitely quicker loading for me. I wonder if it’s to do with the “Performance optimizations of server requests” as I swear sometimes it just seemed like it was timing out while loading.

just checking but way is the update 150 gb

150gb means you download the whole game again.

if you’re using steam, avoid to verify files integrity because it will wipe out your sim files.

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Loading time no. But the menus are “snappier”.

That’s a “no” for me dawg. FS2020 after this update takes FOREVER to start up. Last I timed it, 6:45 to get from double-click to the Main Menu.

And that’s loading it off of a WD SN750.


M2 970 Plus 1TB / 64GB / 8600K / GTX1080

what do you have that makes you so quick? (130sec~2:10min)

I wouldn’t exactly call it quick, about 100 seconds more than I would like it to be :slight_smile:

Nothing special really, keep in mind this is with an empty community folder. I also removed any package, plane or livery that I do not use from content manager (not many but still) and I use the ‘-FastLaunch’ switch

It´s not you.

It needed 4m20s to load with my usual google photogrammetry cities (I only have a few, to prevent too long load times), and now it is taking 3m35s to load with two more (everything else is the same, only touched my community folder to add those two cities). Still needs improvement, but we are heading in the right direction.

I don’t see any difference, loading up takes ages anyway so I fire it up, walk away from the screen to do some house hold tasks and when I return, I’m almost good to go.
It would be great if there was a start-up script that preloads a specific airport, airplane, pre-defined weather etc.
What I see after many of the updates is that I have to re-adjust my ( graphics) settings and occasionaly also my controllers.
Not a big issue because I adopt it as part of my pre-flight checklist.

so if im right the update was 3gb

as i loaded it up after it reinstalled the game and there was a 3gb update