Is it me or is MSFS loading quicker after

Length of time loading is affected by how many mods you have installed. I don’t know what checks it does as it starts, but I wonder if 100 tiny mods with a single file in each would be faster that a single mod with 101 files.

Yes I noticed. I cleaned up my Community folder days before the update came, when we are talking about FpS i tried to optimize… No real difference in fps (1?) but a far quicker load ! after the update the GPU was quicker (+4 fps, 14->18 !) and the loading became faster again, also in game. Especially the loading of the main menu after flight was optimized. I really like that because I often want to look at my log book to see if I have a 1 for landing.


The new version seems to be loading quicker:

I have measured a few days ago, as I will change my disk.
I had 3:55 , not knowing how full my community folder was
Tody new version, Community folder medium full 3:40.
With an empty community folder 2:30

I have a Samsung SSD

I’m noticing it being a bit faster, and I think I know why.

I tend to have both Task Manager and Resource Monitor open at all times. During booting of MSFS, there are several times when the application stops responding due to network calls.

I see new connections for MSFS pop up to various IP addresses and hosts. I see 0 network activity for several second, and then it tells me MSFS is Not Responding for several seconds before the data starts flowing and things get moving again. This typically happens multiple times during bootup of the sim.

I’m still seeing this behaviour, but much less frequently, and these pauses are shorter duration. Whatever they did to their server communication code must have fixed some of this.

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Noticed this too. Even while streaming this absolutely terrific ground school content on long hauls. The menus definitely feel snappier.

MIT Private Pilot Ground School

On a side note: I recommend this to everyone who is intrigued or serious about taking up PPL training.

During startup no, but in other areas it seems a bit faster

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