Is it my imagination or has msfs2020 significantly improved over the last few weeks?

I’ve been using msfs2020 regularly since it started so I think I’m qualified to make a qualitative judgement. I have a i9 10900k and a 3080 plus a Reverb G2 so I always use VR. In the early days, despite having a relatively high end system, it was a struggle to get a smooth flying experience, however, bit by bit, thanks to advice from various YouTube gurus I’ve managed to get, what I would describe as a reasonable performance. However, recently, I have found myself , almost week by week, increasing the settings to higher values and finding that they’re working. We’ll, today, given that the, much awaited, upgrade is due I thought I’d bump up all the settings to maximum so that I have a yardstick by which to judge the improvement. Well, to my surprise, with everything on max I got a half decent performance! So, bring on the upgrade!

phew I’m not crazy, I noticed just like you an improvement in fluency

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i noticed it too…let’s see what the upgrade will bring even better (or worse hopefully not)…i bought also a new comp…helped a lot too…let’s cross the fingers guys…

LOL good job now you’ve jinxed us. Now were gonna fire up the sim and everybodys GPUs are going to start to explode… lol

only 1/2 hour to go …

Or perhaps it is because settings to max now is like settings to medium before ;).