Is it not possible to add ATIS?

I’ve built a small airport from scratch and have added a Tower frequency and an ATIS frequency, but while the tower frequency tunes and works the ATIS doesn’t seem to work – is it possible to add an ATIS to a user-created airport? If so, how?

Yes it is.

The sample nav data has "

Instead of “ATIS NAME” put “ICAO”. That is the ICAO of the airfield you are building.

This has worked for me.


Does this work if you’re making an airport that doesn’t have an ICAO? I’m making something where it makes sense to make it an airport, have a runway, etc. but it has no real world codes. For the airport I had just made a fake ICAO code that would make sense for the area since it seemed like it had to have one in the project/scenery editort

Yes, the ATIS I have working is with an airport with a fake ICAO

It is a while but I seem to remember that some of the Comms did not come alive until I was airborne.

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And, to complete the information around what to put for names, typically you would use the name of the airport for the other frequencies. And there’s no need to call it say “Plymouth Tower” and Plymouth Ground", just “Plymouth” is all you need for each one.

(Funny, I was just looking up this information for myself last night for an airport I’m working on.)

EDIT: I needed to create an AWOS that was not in the game, but is at the airport, and I used the ICAO for that, and it worked.

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