Is it possible to add custom gadgets into aircrafts?

I’m a complete n00b at the SDK but I’m a seasoned developer and have a few ideas for some fun stuff I’d like to investigate.

So, my question is pretty much already stated by the topic: Is it possible to develop custom 3D “gadgets” like, say, a tablet, an E6-B flight computer or other stuff that is typically carried by the pilot between aircrafts, and to be positioned in 3D space (in different planes)? if so, where do I go for more information (SDK related, not for creating the models and such)?

This is already bing done in many planes.
Also, one can easily have a 2D Panel called up from the Top Menu. eg pms50’s GTN750 2D Panel


Yes it is, but the SDK documentation isn’t very helpful. Take a look at this example by ‘Maximus’ which provides the code for a custom toolbar menu … it pulls up a website - but what goes inside is up to you, your coding prowess and your imagination!

There are already a few such addons out there, but still room for more. I’m working on a classic navigation log as used in the '30’s and '40’s. I’m also no novice with programming (as we used to call it back in the day), but also a n00b with the SDK, and find the structure a bit confounding if you’re doing something a bit different from key examples (you know the good old advice, ‘start simple’; well apparently I don’t do that!). Good luck!

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I know several models include a tablet, usually to help with configuration and to trigger animations, such as opening/closing doors etc. But those are part of the model and can’t be used in other models. Maybe I misunderstand your reply but what I’m asking is whether it’s possible to create something that can be used in existing models? It could be something as simple as a pilot’s bag, maybe including a E6-B and some 3D sandwiches or whatever. Would be fun if it can be done.

I dont think so. I’ve asked this before myself.
I wanted to add passengers to existing aircrafts and other objects as well.

Essentially I think it’s a networking thing. So if a program ‘exposes’ itself through a webserver, you can pull it into one of these windows.

But I think topic starter is looking to add actual sim objects. Models within the model. Frankly, I think it should be possible? If you can design airplanes for the sim, you can also design hamburgers for the sim. Plus you can taxi through another airplane and have it half in your own cockpit. But you probably would have to add your hamburger in every airplane model… somewhere in all those files. I don’t think there’s some generic way to just pop in stuff in any cockpit.

Yeah. @sanscheval expanded above … that’s more than I was thinking about. It would certainly be possible to create sim objects like that, interesting to see if they could be linked to an aircraft cockpit rather than coded into the base aircraft model. That’s beyond my current knowledge or aspirations!

There are some very clever folks out there who know the FS structure inside out who can probably give some pointers.

Interesting! I don’t know how the SDK works, if you add a sim object do you specify coordinates (x, y, z) för it or do you attach it to an existing surface? If you use coordinates you maybe have to update them all the time so the object is still in the cockpit as the aircraft continues to fly?