Is it possible to change the draw distance?

I’ve noticed that texture popping is quite bad in this game for me. So low detail textures changing to high detailed happens quite close to the plane. Is there a way to increase the draw distance so it isn’t so obvious? I think you could in FSX.

I don’t have the best internet connection so it’s a possibility that this is to blame?

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I would play with the “Terrain Level of Detail” and “Objects Level of Detail” sliders on Options/General/Graphics to see if you can get some improvement.

Ok thanks I will!

Sounds like your connection could be doing it. Especially the photogammetry areas can be slow loading. I have a 20mb download which sometimes is slow. I find the orthos load in pretty fast though. But once the scenery is cached in the rolling cache it’s nice. I haven’t played around much with the manual cache. I’m enjoying flying over the photogammetry cities and caching it in detail, then the next time I go there it’s all been cached. So smooth.