Is it possible to create a biplane?

I am going crazy to create a biplane, is there a possibility to put double wing in the aircraft editor?

You can create a plane that looks like a biplane (i.e. so that the 3D model of it is a biplane), but there is no way to tell the simulation engine that there are multiple wings and what their location is etc. Quite possibly one could achieve an end result that would be good enough anyway to fool most customers of such a plane. After all, the H135 helicopter is very popular and its users and developer get a bit offended if one dares suggest that the simulator doesn’t actually support helicopters.

Given the Reno Air Races expansion, will they be modeling the Pitts as a true biplane?

I’m not sure how accurate this statement is. It was true for FSX, I don’t know that it’s true for MSFS given they now support over a 1000 flight surfaces per model now. How to do it, I don’t know, but I think this concept is old news.

Just read the SDK documentation then. The part about the flight_model.cfg file.

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