Is it possible to Desaturate Scenery?

If it’s not possible maybe we could have that as an option in a future build?

I think you can go into your video card settings and lower the color saturation gain?


nVidia geforce experience Ansel or ReShade

You can get a copy of reshade (its free) and install that. Inside once installed you find many many wonderful features that will allow you to turn down saturation, up/down the brightness and many many other things. You can access it from in game with the press of the home key.

If nVidia don not add the poor running simple minded GF Experience and just turn digital vibrancy down in settings to at least 40% from 50%

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That’s what I do. Setting it to -10% looks nicer to me.

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Thanks all for the replies, just tried installing “ReShade” using this video: ReShade MSFS 2020 Microsoft Store Edition Installation Tutorial - YouTube
Nice and easy to follow, if a little in-depth and still confused at the end by all the options.

So, will try the nVidia option, see how easy that is :slight_smile:

Just tried the nVidia Control Panel and knocked back Digital Vibrancy by the 10% to 40.
Very simple to do and gives the result was looking for, just knocks the saturation back and makes it much better.
Sure the ReShade would have loads more control and get a much better end result, but way to complex at the moment for me!

Thanks to all again

Its not complex at all,
1st run the installer and point it to the MSFS directory if the installer doesnt see it

2nd click ok and just use whatever defaults it offers you until it finishes installing it

3rd Fire up the sim while it loads you should see a banner across the top of your screen,
when you see that banner just click on skip tutorial and let the sim continue to load.

4rth Start a flight, before you take off press the HOME key on you keyboard to bring up reshade and
then select the far left colum at the top of the reshade menu…

5th For starters click on the shader called hdr, you should be able to see the screen to the right and the
reshade on the left, slide the top slider left or right to brighten or darken the picture

6th for color I use the Technicolor and Technicolor2 shaders, you can adjust saturation tone and a
couple of other things change these to your liking.

7th Press HOME again the menu disappears and your ready to go.

There are reset buttons for each shader so if you adjust it to some horrible settings you just click that to return the shader to default. Or you can click them on and off as you need them when the sim does that horrible light thing that it does ;p

And if you do venture into these waters, remember to try the Nostalgia and the Monochrome filter as well its just like flying back before they had color TV Bwhahahah!

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Thanks, I’ve dome majority of that, maybe not 6th & 7th. The video I linked to was very good in the setup guidance, just I think it added loads of filters and unsure which ones to use. Maybe I’ll look for a MSFS profile!
But I’ll revisit and play with Technicolor options and see how it looks compared with the nVidia method.


It looks like this 1080ti everything on ultra:

And in Xplane 11.5 it looks like this:

Just dont use it for any fps shooter games, alot will ban you for it since there is / was a way to make it do wallhacks ;p


I have tried ReShade before on other games but not on FS20 yet. Could you tell me if you have experienced any performance/fps drawbacks at all please?

The only issues I’ve had with it was a couple of weeks ago when the dev’s were messing with the HDR, it would sometimes show a black screen when it was enabled during a startup. But going windowed so that HDR was enabled again, it would start working again. And since the last update to the beta I havent even had that.

I only use the HDR and Technicolor filters, so other filters may or may not have an effect on performance, but to date I havent seen it.

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I tried reshade but majority of the shaders don’t work for me, kept saying preprocessor error. Shame really because I used it a lot in p3d and fsx and it was really good.

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