Is it possible to disable generated trees just inside photogrametry areas?

It’s way more imersive the real trees, even they look like minecraft!

Yes there are mods available that remove trees from certain areas. I’m not aware of any that remove all trees from all photogramatry areas.

I’ve been using a few mods from this person » Profile of FreakyD for the areas that I frequently fly.

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The “minecraft” trees are baked into photogrammetry and as far as I’m aware can only be removed by hand. Blackshark have been working on an AI solution but I suspect the problem is recreating believable results for whatever textures the trees would originally have been hiding e.g. up against buildings or overhanging of streets etc.

It seems to affect older PG the worst and I believe this will be cured by current and future capturing methods that include the use of AI and possibly seasonal comparisons.

You may not believe but I love the minecraft trees and all the photogrametry, I turn off the generated trees! hahaha. The photogrametry areas are MUCH more imersive. I fly with helicopters around NY or LA and, man, is like for me the real thing. I would love if they made much wider photogrametry areas!
But I would like to turn off the generated trees only inside photogrametry areas, and I am looking for a solution.

I even turn down resolution and overall quality to better mix with the photogrametry quality!

You could probably do this yourself fairly easily on a a per area basis. You fire up the scenery editor in the developer mode and draw a big vegetation exclusion rectangle over the photogrammetry area.

I agree with you on this at times. The autogen trees can look great by themselves in remote areas, but they are grossly oversized, which was intentionally done to hide the photogrammetry trees and also improve performance by using less tree assets. So many residential/low-rise photogrammetry areas are now completely hidden by overgrowth though. Not to mention all of the approaches that have been destroyed by trees. The latter is going to be fixed by the World Hub fairly soon I hope.


Yes, I would love a programable solution, but I think you are right