Is it possible to get a sample Livery creation template

Hi everyone.
I have tried using the SDK sample and modifying it, but the sample references 3 liveries and I only want to make one. trying to edit the xml and remove all the unnecessary files just creates more confusion. I just want a simple SDK sample with 1 livery. The SDK document also shows an earlier version of the kit, and the latest SDK looks nothing like it as far as wizards to create things, so starting from scratch is too confusing.

Do you mean a blank PSD type file with a white livery? Which aircraft are you wanting it for?

Not the blank files, I was wanting the package definition, packagesources/ xml files etc with all the correct structure and hierarchies. I have tried duplicating the sample livery from the SDK, but it was confusing. I was after a simple folder structure/ xml to allow me to open a project in developer mode and complete the livery without having to use developer mode to make those folders/ xml etc. I seem to be getting it all wrong with the sample from the SDK.
thanks anyway.

the problem that i have is that I have made a number of liveries, but the way I import them into the game is to download someone else’s livery, then overwrite their PNG.DDS files with my own. This works to get the liveries into the game, but leaves it with the original file names etc. I cant upload for others like that. I need to get a file / naming structure of my own, and I was wanting the developer mode to make that for me, but the SDK is very confusing. I was hoping someone who paints liveries had a simple template of the project that they use, without having to make it from scratch in developer mode.