Is it possible to let DWM manage the V-Sync in windowed mode?

Have been using the sim with a Radeon RX480, in windowed mode, v-sync off and had no tearing, because of DWM handling the V-Sync. Had between 30 and 55 fps according to situation and never had tearing nor stutters. Now I’m trying an RTX 2060S, much better performance but I’m forced to use V-Sync to get rid of the tearing and I don’t want to because it introduces a litlle stuttering.
Is there a way to let DWM manage the v-sync as is the case with the AMD cards ?
Is nvidia overriding the DWM ? Any help is appreciated.

MPO was introduced by nvidia back in 2021 with driver 461.09. For the first time windowed apps were free to disable vsync and therefore show tearing. You dont want this so follow the instructions in the second link below BUT only if you are okay with changing your registry and problems that will arise if you get it wrong :slight_smile:

More details see here

Instructions to disable MPO and re-enable if needed here After updating to NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 461.09 or newer, some desktop apps may flicker or stutter when resizing the window on some PC configurations | NVIDIA

Thanks a lot for answering. After some more research I’ve found the information you’re giving me here. Haven’t tried it yet cause I’ve uninstalled the 2060S. And some say that fast-vsync in nvidia control panel does a similar job to DWM, but I don’t know if it works in windowed mode or just full screen. I’ll install it again and try both.
With the RX480 I’m 95 % of the time limited by GPU, at around 35-55 fps and windowed mode gives a very smooth experience.
With the 2060S the only way I’ve found to get a smooth experience is to reach 60 FPS, which I can in a lot of situations, but when lower, or CPU limited, even at 55 FPS smoothness is way worse than with the 480 if I let vsync on, and turning off vsync introduces a lot of tearing.
Hope I can solve it cause I can get the 2060S for a ridiculous price.
Thanks again.