Is it possible to reset the San Juan Island Run Activity?

I have completed (apparently) the 40th Anniversary version of the San Juan Island Run Activity. That was some time ago. As many folks have mentioned, it shows 0% completed on the 40th Anniversary screen. That is no big deal, but, when I try it again (because it is rather fun) it starts with the airplane in mid-air and no fuel. Within a couple of moments, the engine stops and I either have to glide onto a lake or crash. If I glide I can only sit there and float around.

I am thinking that there must be a way to totally reset this activity and start over again from the actual beginning.

Does anybody know if this is possible and, if so, how to do it.

The floating around is wearing thin.

Many thanks in advance.

Same challenge here on wanting to do the run again and 0% complete. Respawn over the lake at 5,000’ and engine quits. Turn the fuel valve to a tank gets the engine started again for a smooth landing and taxi but within a half mile of the dock the mission is “complete” but still 0% and unable to refly from Kenmore.

Yes, shortly after I posted this issue there was, apparently, some sort of update and the whole thing went back to the default start and I am no longer over the link! BUT, the mission is rated 0%. As a matter of fact, all of my training sessions, challenges, etc. went to 0%.

A mystery, but at least I am not crashing into the lake!