Is it possible to set custom waypoints?

Hi all!

Basically, I’ve started using NeoFly today and it has some emergency missions where you need to land at a non-airfield area, it gives you the coordinates and that’s all.

Is it possible to set a waypoint there through the sim?

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Yes, it is …

How do I do it? I tried entering the coordinates into the search bar but it didn’t do anything…

Just click on the Create FP map, and you get get the option to create a user waypoint where you click.

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The coordinates need to be in decimal format, like 35.027449, -111.022821, and then you enter that (Ctrl+V to paste) into the Search field. It won’t work with degree/minute/second format.

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Is there a way to transform them into the right format?

Use Google. When you enter the coordinates in DMS format, you’ll get a link to the location in Google Maps. The correct format will be in a smaller typeface below the DMS:

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There may be another way to convert, but this is dirt simple and works.

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You can use Little Nav map for this :slight_smile:

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