Is it possible to use the new terrain LOD technique by Orbx to reduce morphing?

Orbx released their NZ Mesh product yesterday, which is using a proprietary approach to make each terrain LOD consistent, that heavily reduces morphing with a minimal performance impact.

The terrain morphing has been greatly exaggerated with the USA World Update, and in the last Q&A, sadly there was no real acknowledgement of the issue, or an ETA for a fix. Considering that Orbx are one of the simulator’s partners, would it be possible for the developers to consider investigating (and possibly licensing and adapting) this new technique in order to reduce the morphing globally?

Following is the thread documenting the more recent morphing issues with default mesh.

Voted! It’s particularly bad around coastlines


Yes raised cost lines and mountains are awful but this is a bug introduced in WU3 not just some random location as Jorg suggested in the last Q&A.
We shouldn’t need to pay 3rd party devs to fix basic bugs like terrain LOD’s and morphing that really ruin emersion and the visual experience.
Any fix would be a global fix.


This needs to be sorted, people shouldn’t have to rely on purchasing “bug fixes” like this when Asobo should do it themselves.
(Yes i know this ORBX release is more then just a bug fix but essentially it could be incorporated into a World Update)


Absolutely - we should not have to pay for a product that fixes a bug in the original product.


Agreed with the above comments. I don’t think we should have to buy add-ons in order to fix a post-launch regression either. But since Asobo did not seem to be aware of the morphing issues in the last Q&A (and skipped immediately to the coastline glitch), it’s not surprising that a third-party developer would step up with a solution.

The point of this thread is to try and make the developers aware that the morphing is a real issue, and that a solution exists now. Hopefully they will take a good look at it!


To add to this request, people who have purchased the product are also reporting that the coastlines are looking quite a bit better than the default mesh as well. The coastlines have also been left to suffer with lingering issues from the USA & UK World Updates (water creeping up and the workaround sloping respectively). I think it would be in everyone’s interest if Orbx were allowed to assist with the mesh LOD algorithms.

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