Is it so hard to implement correct taxiways and positions? (e.g.Hamburg)

Hi my dearest devs,

using more and more addon airports, I wonder why many of them don’t seem to get the taxiways and parking positions (gates, etc.) right. The latest example is Hamburg (EDDH). It’s a payware, available in the marketplace.

When landed, ATC gives you “…taxi to gate XXX”. No taxiways are given. And taxi ribbon isn’t working. And the gate number given does not exist on any official airport chart. So as a pilot you have no chance, to ever find your gate.

I would think, maybe the SDK is incomplete. But many other addon airports, even community made freeware, are doing it correctly.

So I’m interested. What’s the problem? Is there something wrong with the SDK? Is it carelessness?


Well, if it would be that easy to implement matching airport layouts for thousands and thousands of airports it would probably have arrived already.

I personally conveniently work around this by handing the aircraft over to the other pilot after vacating the runway. This is something I have seen in numerous videos of landings so I assume it’s somewhat realistic.

Also, I’m quite sure you’ll get taxiways. At least when you specifically request taxi over the ground frequency rather than the automatically assigned taxi. As you described above it doesn’t really matter.
Furthermore I’m sure the ribbon is working. I personally keep it turned of as I let the other pilot handle it.

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So you don’t use taxi ribbons but tell me they are working? Come on…
Well, I use it and I can tell it’s not working on some addon airports. I do request a gate with the according ground freq. And I described above what happend. Did you even read it fully?
Actually I don’t understand why you answered anyway. You tell me “…nah, I’m sure it’s working…” Ok, you’re right. I just posted because I feel so alone. Please my friend, take others a bit more serious.

Your suggestion to hand over to the co pilot is a good one though. Will try that. Btw: in real life, most of the times the co hands the taxi over to the captain (if the co has flown the aircraft). Because it’s the capatins responsibility to avoid sratches in the plane. With more experience, the co will taxi by himself eventually.

Yes. I used the for a time and figured they are disturbing my immersion so I turned them off and went for the co-pilot approach to my taxi problem.
I occasionally turn them on in case the AI pilot gets confused. Which happens at times.

It’s not that hard to comprehend. :wink:

OMG. Just don’t bother me anymore. Please.

What’s your problem exactly? I tried to help, yet you start insulting me. Why?


I just bought this airport in the marketplace too and it’s exactly as you wrote. No meaningful gate from ATC and no taxi ribbon. But it is clearly a 3rd party problem because beforehand this was fine at this airport. I’m going to write to the publisher (Bredok3d) and hopefully it will be fixed in a future release of this addon.

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It’s strange, since even some one-man freeware devs do it correctly. I’m overall a bit disappointed by EDDH. It looks a bit like a default airport. And what are the firetrucks doing all over the place?

Another example is EDDT (marketplace). The numbers of the gates, given by ATC, are totally wrong. I wonder if ATC gets them from a default nav file or from the addon scenery.

Unfortunately I bought EDDH in Marketplace and I am very disappointed. The default airport was almost better. Pushback without vehicle. The terminals are unlit at night and I have seen the overall graphics better elsewhere. So a quick and extensive update is necessary!

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