Is It The A320, ATC Or Me?

Hi Guys and Girls,

I have been out of the FS Community for some time however, FS2020 has firmly put me back into it.

Following a long absence I am not sure if the below is me, the aircraft or ATC however, any advice would be most welcome!

I am currently using Simbrief to plan my flights and supporting this with Navigraph charts. I plan my flight and am most commonly using the A320Neo.

On departure, all is relatively well. ATC will give me a controlled accent which is not to different from the flight plan. The cruise passes and then the issues start.

ATC will always start my descent well after the flight plan’s TOD mark. What then commonly happens is when the aircraft reaches the entrance to the STAR it will turn away and loose it’s NAV track. I think this may have something to do with being to high? I have managed to correct this so far with a heading hold and manual descent. When I am low enough I can then usually re enter NAV mode.

Another thing I have seen is that the MCDU’s Prog page will never enter the Descent mode despite me using a managed descent or a manual one.

As above, any advice is most welcome as I can’t understand what is causing the issue.

Hi there,

I am well aware of what you are talking about and this is just not a problem with the A320 but also the 747-8. What I did was enable the descend of the approach phase guide overlay. If you are up those red or blue lines (depending on whether you are coming in too slow or too fast they will be red or blue for normal) you will have a hard time performing an ILS landing as the G/S will struggle for the whole descend during your approach. The ATC is also late on telling you to descend so I would suggest descending prior the call to make sure.

It is annoying the autopilot + ATC bugs but we have to also consider how a real G/S works. Probably would struggle in real-life with a way too high approach vertical speed is struggling with the LOC and APPR modes.

Hope turning on those reference lines won’t affect your sim experience too much. At least, try it.


Will certainly give those things a go. I was thinking earlier of just asking ATC for a new flight level when my plan has TOD on it and descending to the flight level on the plan. My hope will be that when I reach that lower altitude ATC will then bring me down onto the approach Not sure it will work but I shall try.

Out of interest, does your MCDU show the descent phase?

If you really want to use ATC (which needs a LOT of work), I suggest that it is used for departure and then turn it off, then follow your own FP and Charts for a managed descent to your destination. Trying to use the ATC in game is a very hit and miss exercise, together with AP idiosyncrasies, makes for a very interesting flight. Regards.

Well, having given my previous idea a go it has not worked. The aircraft is still deviating from it’s course as it enters the STAR. I am not sure if anyone else is having the same issue as I can’t find any posts in relation to it.

I am reasonably confident I am doing the right thing.

ATC did the same thing to me twice today (A320 Neo). Totally deviated from approach plan right in the middle of it. Didn’t even had the LOC on yet neither. It decided to turn for the landing, weird.
Plus ATC didn’t get me down for the right altitude neither. Can wait for Asobo to fix these thing.