Is live weather live regardless of the time you have set?

If it’s night time and raining at my location currently but I have the time set to morning will it still be raining the same as it would live?

There is no historic weather, is there?


Nope. Live weather is never live in here. It’s just an estimate of what weather might be at some point in time. At least that’s my experience

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I think Live weather is always showing the current live weather regardless of when you set the time. By current I mean, “current”, which may not necessarily be actual up-to-date real time data. But it’s kind of real at some point.

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ha, yeah. It’s not at all accurate for me either. Just curious though, for when it does get working (crosses fingers)

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@Skytbest You are correct, no historic weather. Live weather is current, real time weather, regardless of date or time set in the sim. So you can now enjoy your early morning fog at 3pm haha.

For me, “live weather” means dooms-day level thunder and lightning everytime, everywhere, even if there are only a few clouds out there…

Cloud distribution is not too unrealistic, a bit out of date but Ok in general, but as soon as there are clouds visible, there is loud thunder and lightning. Even if it is not a game breaking bug, it´s one of my main complains about the sim. It´s been there from 1.9.3 maybe, and has not been fixed yet.


I think we are missing and official definition of what is live weather in Asobos world!

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Great question btw. Set live weather first, then change the time. It will still be live weather.

Maybe they should rename it “Lively Weather” and have done with it. Easier than fixing the issue :slight_smile:

Live weather, as Ive read it the way it works is that it downloads weather reports twice a day, and then predicts what the weather is or was according to the settings you make in game menus.

Sometimes its pretty good here, sometimes it just god awful. Of course where I live, we have a little saying, if you dont like the weather around here wait 10 min’s it will change!

The thunder and lightning are really annoying when you in and above clouds. I don’t believe that in real life you can hear the thunder so loudly.

Furthermore, I miss cloud variety. The clouds in the game look always the same, its boring. There is not much different between few, scattered and overcast clouds. The one thing I like about the weather system is the dynamic movement of clouds and showers. But I never had to use the wipers.

That’s why you can change the slider with the coverage and scatter settings to add some varieties to it.

I don’t think the wipers work. I mean they move and all, but I tried it on heavy rain, there’s no effect on my windscreen between having the wipers on or off, other than the visuals of it moving.

Not to mention, I was told that REAL pilots will fly out of there way to stay out of electrical storms, look for holes in the system to fly around/thru safely. Apparently lightning and Air Travel dont mix ;p

But it is pretty LOL!

It’s not the lightning that’s dangerous, its the massive up/down drafts and severe icing issues the thunderstorm clouds produce that they’re avoiding.